Close up of the Lantern's in-game art. It is a small orange vessel with a chain attached to its top.

Elden Ring: Where to Find a Lantern

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There are only two places in Elden Ring where you can buy a Lantern. These items offer a passive way to light your surroundings with seemingly no downsides. As such, equipping a Lantern can help you save resources and consumables.

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    The First Location With a Lantern

    Yellow marker showing the Liurnia Lake Shore Site of Grace on the Elden Ring map.

    Northwest of Stormveil Castle, as you head towards the nearest map fragment located in Liurnia of the Lakes, you can come across the Liurnia Lake Shore Site of Grace. Just north of this Site of Grace, you’ll find the Nomadic Merchant by a campfire. If you speak to them, you’ll find a Lantern for sale as well as a few other items. The Lantern will cost 1,800 Runes.

    The Second Location With a Lantern

    White text near a yellow marker showing the Isolated Merchant's Shack Site of Grace.

    Similarly, the other Lantern can also be bought for 1,800 Runes. The NPC that sells this one is the Isolated Merchant located on the western end of the Weeping Peninsula. Depending on the way you’re going during your playthrough, one Lantern may be easier to get than the other. As such, pick up the one that’s closest to your chosen progression path.

    How to Use a Lantern

    There are 3 images: the left image is the player standing in the dark, the middle image is the player touch something on their hip, and the right image is the player with a lit lantern on their hip.

    After you acquire a Lantern, open your equipment menu and go down to your quick item slots. Select any of the slots and then scroll down to where the Lantern is (just below the grease section). Select the Lantern to equip it in order to use it. Afterward, cycle through your quick item slots until you have the Lantern in the quick item window.

    At this point, press your quick item button to use the Lantern, which will turn it on. If you use your quick item button again, you will turn the Lantern off. The Lantern will turn itself off when you die or when you fast travel to another location.

    Why the Lantern is the Best Light Source

    • It stays on when you cycle to other quick items
    • You don’t need to hold it in one of your hands
    • It doesn’t consume resources
    • It doesn’t affect stealth
    • No FP cost
    • The Lantern does not weigh anything