Soap from Elden Ring.

Elden Ring: Where to Find Soap (and What it Does)

Collect Soap to always appear clean and clear of Poison and Scarlet Rot.

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Key Takeaway

The best way to get Soap in Elden Ring is to craft it. You can do so by obtaining the Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook [17] which you can purchase from the merchant in Siofra River.

Soap is one of the many items you can use in Elden Ring. While seemingly unremarkable compared to other consumables, this item can indeed be useful in certain situations. There are multiple ways to obtain Soap in the Lands Between.

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    What Does Soap Do in Elden Ring?

    The Lands Between can be a grueling place. Your character can appear completely spotless for one second but explore any region in the game for just a few minutes and you will be covered in gunk, mud, and blood, among many others.

    Using Soap will completely clean your character’s appearance.

    The Tarnished using soap in Elden Ring.

    However, this item does just more than just make your character appear clean. Poison and Scarlet Rot swamps are more than rampant in Elden Ring. When you roll while you’re in these swamps, your body will be covered with them. This causes either Poison or Scarlet Rot to continue building up even after you step out of the swamp.

    However, if you clean yourself with Soap while your body is covered in Poison or Scarlet Rot, they will completely disappear, stopping further status build-up.

    The same applies to water and oil. If your body is covered in water or oil, you’ll receive more damage from lightning or fire, respectively. Cleaning yourself with Soap will remove any water or oil from your body.

    How to Get Soap in Elden Ring

    The Abandoned Merchant in Siofra River sells three pieces of Soap for 400 Runes each.

    The location of the merchant in Siofra River shown on the map.

    There are also four found on the corpse in the cave southwest of the Ainsel River Downstream Site of Grace in Ainsel River.

    The location of soap in Ainsel River shown on the map.

    However, the best way to collect Soap in Elden Ring is to craft them. Purchase the Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook [17] from the same merchant in Siofra River that sells Soap so you can craft this item yourself.

    All you’ll need to craft Soap are two Melted Mushrooms. These are found in Siofra River and Deeproot Depths. These will also respawn when you rest at a Site of Grace after picking them up, allowing you to farm them.

    The best place to farm Melted Mushrooms is north of the Siofra River Bank. Go to the ledge above the Site of Grace and you’ll find Melted Mushrooms on the ground. Go further north and you’ll find another at the base of a tree that’s guarded by a Giant Crab. Proceed west from here to the ascending slope where the pillars are and you’ll find more Melted Mushrooms here.

    The Tarnished looking over at a Melted Mushroom in Elden Ring.