Showcasing the Mask of Confidence from Elden Ring.

Elden Ring: Where to Find the Mask of Confidence

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Key Takeaway

The Mask of Confidence is in a hidden section in the Carian Study Hall. Once you reach the main hall, steer to your left, drop down, and turn around to find a body containing the headpiece.

The Mask of Confidence is a helm that you can acquire in Elden RingIts location is very hidden, which means you’re unlikely to stumble upon this unless you know exactly where you’re going, or are naturally adventurous in games.

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    Getting the Mask of Confidence

    There’s one thing you’ll need to get the Mask of Confidence, and that’s the Carian Inverted Statue. To get this item, you’ll need to progress Ranni’s questline and give her Fingerslayer Blade. She then gives you this item in return.

    Once you have this item in your inventory, head to the Carian Study Hall. Walk up to the altar across the Site of Grace and watch the cutscene play out.

    Using the Carian Inverted Statue in the Carian Study Hall.

    Now that the study hall has been inverted, proceed onwards, drop down, and jump into the upside-down window. Be mindful of the small spider hands here.

    Head forward and proceed to the left. Once you’re at the edge of this area, look over to your right and drop down onto the narrow ledge below. Turn around and you should see a body slumping over from an upside-down window. Loot the body and you’ll retrieve the Mask of Confidence.

    The Tarnished facing the body that contains the Mask of Confidence.

    What Does the Mask of Confidence Do?

    This headpiece has very average stats for its light weight classification. Its main strength, though, is that it increases your Arcane stat by 3. This makes it very good for players who are utilizing a bleed build since hemorrhage scales with Arcane.

    Unlike most of the armor pieces in the game, the Mask of Confidence is an individual piece. This means it isn’t a part of a whole armor set. Match this with any armor set you want.