The Night' Cavalry boss summoning a ghost horse with a purple summoning circle on the ground.

Elden Ring: Where to Find the Secret Boss Night’s Cavalry in Limgrave

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In Elden Ring, the Night’s Cavalry is a type of secret boss that you can only find at night. In Limgrave, one of these sinister horsemen can be found just north of Agheel Lake. You’ll find them patrolling a bridge.

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    The Night’s Cavalry Limgrave Location

    A red arrow on the map showing how to get from Agheel Lake North to the spawn point of Limgrave's Night's Cavalry boss.

    The best place to start while on your hunt for the Night’s Cavalry is the Agheel Lake North Site of Grace. At this resting spot, pass time until it is night. Afterward, follow the road southeast until you reach the bridge crossing the shallow river extending north from Agheel Lake. You find the Night’s Cavalry patrolling this bridge upon a shrouded funeral steed.

    How to Beat the Night’s Cavalry

    The player jousting with the Night's Cavalry as both are fighting from horseback.

    You shouldn’t try to fight the Night’s Cavalry on foot. This boss’s speed will make landing a hit difficult and their reach will make defending and evasion tricky. Furthermore, the health bar you see at the bottom of your screen is connected to only the rider—hurting their steed does not affect the boss’ HP. On foot, you’ll have a harder time reaching the rider due to their elevated seat. Thankfully, riding Torrent for this fight will negate and counter all of those aforementioned issues.

    The Night’s Cavalry’s Attacks

    This boss will mostly attack you with their black halberd. This is a weapon with a lot of reach, which the knight wielding it uses efficiently. They will sweep the long armament to either the left or right of their steed. The boss will also strike vertically with vicious slams—which does more damage than the sweeps but is easier to avoid.

    The safest place to attack the boss from is their rear, however, this foe will constantly be moving. As such, it will be hard to attack them from the ideal position, making hit and run strategies more effective overall. On top of this, on occasion, the horse will give you a sideways tackle if you linger close to the boss for too long. This does not do much damage but can stun you long enough for the rider to hit you with a halberd attack.

    About the Funeral Steed

    In regards to the funeral steed that the Night’s Cavalry rides: it can respawn. If you manage to take out the shrouded horse during the battle, you’ll definitely have an upper hand against the boss. You’ll be able to pummel them from atop Torrent and evade their attacks easily. However, after a short while, the knight in black armor will summon another steed.

    The purple summoning circle that appears when the rider calls for their ethereal mount will also do damage in an area of effect around the boss. When the knight is about to do this, they will stamp the end of their halberd against the ground. Watch out for this subtle movement to avoid taking damage. After the horse is summoned, the knight will quickly mount them and begin attacking.

    The Rewards for Beating the Night’s Cavalry in Limgrave

    Image and item description for the Repeating Thrust Ash of War.
    • 2,400 Runes
    • The Ash of War: Repeating Thrust

    The Ash of War that you get from defeating the Night’s Cavalry in Limgrave is great if you like thrusting weapons. Repeating Thrust is a skill that would go well on many polearms and swords, as it lets you unleash many attacks quickly. Furthermore, it gives your weapon the Keen affinity, which lets your armament scale better with the dexterity attribute. This is arguably the best affinity if you’re using a thrusting weapon, which naturally favors speed over strength.

    Thankfully, the Night’s Cavalry doesn’t use an attack like this in your battle against them, despite being capable of doing so thanks to wielding a halberd.