An image depicting the Twinblade, which is like a staff with a sword on either side.

Elden Ring: Where to Find the Twinblade

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If you’re using a dexterity build in Elden Ring, you may be interested in trying out the Twinblade. This potentially powerful weapon lets you unleash combos of attacks that can devastate enemies. You can find it in central Limgrave.

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    The Twinblade’s Location

    A red circle on the map over the Dragon-Burnt Ruins in the south of Agheel Lake.

    In the center of Limgrave lies Agheel Lake. This shallow lake has a few points of interest, including a dragon you can fight, giant crabs you can farm, and some ruins to explore. In the south of Agheel Lake, you’ll find the Dragon-Burnt Ruins. Within these ruins, you’ll only find some weak enemies and minor loot on the surface. However, there is a stairway leading below the ruins that lead to the real treasure.

    There are no traps or enemies waiting below; just a door leading into a small room with a treasure chest. When you open the chest, you’ll be able to pick up the Twinblade. If you have trouble locating the stairway that leads below the Dragon-Burnt Ruins, check out this video:

    The Twinblade’s Base Stats

    A small image of a staff with a sword on either end. There is some text below it that describes how dexterous warrior favor this weapon.

    From the item description, the game makes it clear that the Twinblade is very much designed for dexterous warriors. It also hints that you should wield it with two hands to unlock its true potential. The Twinblade does standard and pierce-type damage to enemies you attack with it. In terms of equipment load, this armament weighs 7 units.

    About the Spinning Slash Skill

    When you press the skill button or key, you’ll unleash a slash that costs 6 FP. With each additional press of the same button, you can perform successive slashes. These spinning slashes can be chained together for wicked combos. You can use this flurry of blows to takedown vulnerable enemies very quickly. Lesser foes won’t stand a chance and greater ones can take huge damage. Furthermore, at any point during your crazy combo, you can cancel your attack by dodging. This allows you to unleash your spinning slashes with very few downsides. Just make sure that you have enough FP before you begin your assault.

    Attack Power

    • Physical – 119
    • Magic – 0
    • Fire – 0
    • Lightning – 0
    • Holy – 0
    • Critical – 100

    Guarded Damage Negation

    • Physical – 45
    • Magic – 30
    • Fire – 30
    • Lightning – 30
    • Holy – 30
    • Guard Boost – 30

    Attribute Scaling

    • Strength – D
    • Dexterity – D
    • Intelligence – No scaling
    • Faith – No scaling
    • Arcane – No scaling

    Attributes Required

    • Strength – 10
    • Dexterity – 18
    • Intelligence – 0
    • Faith – 0
    • Arcane – 0