Cassandra and Varric trying to defend themselves from a high dragon in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Complete List of Dragons in Dragon Age: Inquisition

Slay a dozen dragons? Sounds like a job for the Inquisitor.

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As the name implies, the world of Dragon Age: Inquisition is filled with terrifying dragons. While many in Thedas believed these creatures to have vanished long ago, 12 High Dragons can be found on your journey as Inquisitor. Defeating them will result in valuable awards and a coveted achievement.

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    Dragon Hunting, Explained

    In the Dragon Age universe, High Dragons are exceedingly rare. These adult female dragons were common during ancient times, but during the era of Dragon Age: Inquisition, many citizens of Thedas believed them to have gone extinct, or perhaps to have ventured off to some far corner of the world.

    The base game features 10 unique High Dragons, while the Jaws of Hakkon and Trespasser DLCs bring the total up to 12.

    Each of these dragons utilizes a particular element during battle, and using said element will do less damage against them. You’ll want to use the opposite element in order to take down these powerful foes. Don’t forget to equip armor protecting you from each dragon’s specific element!

    Dragon NameLevelLocationElement
    Fereldan Frostback12The HinterlandsFire
    Northern Hunter13CrestwoodElectricity
    Abyssal High Dragon14The Western ApproachFire
    Gamordan Stormrider15The Exalted PlainsElectricity
    Greater Mistral17The Emerald GravesCold
    Hivernal19Emprise du LionCold
    Vinsomer19The Storm CoastElectricity
    Sandy Howler20The Hissing WastesFire
    Kaltenzahn21Emprise du LionCold
    Highland Ravager23Emprise du LionFire
    Hakkon Wintersbreath25Frostback BasinCold
    Ataashi25The DarvaaradPoison

    Use cold against fire breathers, fire against cold breathers, and spirit magic against electricity breathers to prevail. Bringing Resistance Potions can also help you to survive these encounters. The schematics for these can be purchased in Val Royeaux, and they can be equipped at any Potion Table.

    Additionally, you’ll want to stay relatively close to each dragon during battle. Occasionally, these beasts will flap their wings, causing a vortex to form and pulling in all party members, causing heavy damage to those on the outskirts of the arena.

    Visit Bonny Simms in Skyhold to purchase a Dragon-Slaying Rune for your weapon. This will give you +20 damage against High Dragons. The Master version of this rune becomes available after defeating Vinsomer, and after completing the Shrine of Dumat quest, you can purchase it from Bonny Simms.

    Killing your first High Dragon will earn you the ‘Wyrmslayer’ achievement and unlock the ‘Celebrate the Dragonslaying’ war table operation. Slaying 10 of these hulking beasts will earn you the highly-coveted ‘Dragon’s Bane’ achievement. Each dragon killed will also reward you with plenty of impressive loot.

    While most dragons will appear immediately after entering their lair, some will require the completion of specific quests to summon. These will be listed below.

    After killing at least four dragons, Leliana will even comment on your exciting escapades when you visit the war room.

    Ferelden Frostback (The Hinterlands)

    Level: 12

    Recommended Player Level: 10-13

    Location: Lady Shayna’s Valley, in the northeastern portion of The Hinterlands, due north of the Dusklight Inquisition Camp

    The Ferelden Frostback in the Hinterlands in Dragon Age: Inqusition.

    Native to the Frostback Mountains, this territorial High Dragon will appear immediately after entering her lair. Before reaching her, however, be prepared to face a large number of her spawn as you explore the area.

    The Ferelden Frostback is vulnerable to cold damage. You’ll want to pay close attention to her trajectory as she flies over the battlefield–her fireballs can do some serious damage. Wearing fire-resistant armor and having dragon-slaying or frost weapon runes can make this first dragon fight more manageable.

    During battle, the boss will occasionally fly out of attack range, summoning her children to fight in her stead. Defeat them in order to bring her back to the arena.

    Rewards: 2,991 XP / 1,600 Influence / 4 Power

    Northern Hunter (Crestwood)

    Level: 12

    Recommended Player Level: 11-14

    Location: South of the Village of Crestwood in the Black Fens region

    Prerequisite Quest: ‘Still Waters’ (Side quest)

    The Northern Hunter high dragon in Crestwood in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

    When you first arrive in Crestwood, you’ll see the Northern Hunter resting south of the dam. In order to reach her, you’ll need to complete the side quest ‘Still Waters,’ which is automatically obtained upon arriving in the area for the first time.

    Despite its frightening appearance, the Northern Hunter is one of the weaker dragons in Dragon Age: Inquisition. She won’t summon any adds and won’t fly off in the middle of the fight. Keeping your party spread out and using Electrical Resistance Tonic before the battle will ensure an easy victory.

    Rewards: 6,794 XP / 1,600 Influence / 4 Power

    Abyssal High Dragon (The Western Approach)

    Level: 14

    Recommended Player Level: 12-15

    Location: In The Wastes, the southernmost area of the Western Approach, south of Nazaire’s Pass

    Prerequisite Quest: ‘The Abyssal High Dragon’ (Side quest)

    The Abyssal High Dragon in the Western Approach in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

    Near the Nazaire’s Pass Inquisition Camp in the Western Approach, you’ll find Frederic, a Professor of Draconology from the University of Orlais. The masked man is eager to study the Abyssal High Dragon, and completing his quest chain will cause this frightening beast to appear.

    You’ll want to make use of Fire Resistance potions during this fight. Equipping your mage with an Ice Staff will also help to cause some extra damage. The Abyssal High Dragon will remain on the ground for the fight, though she does tend to jump around quite a bit. Moves like Fade Step and Combat Roll will help to keep your party members out of harm’s way.

    When the Abyssal High Dragon lifts her wings high above her body, she’s about to use the Maelstrom ability, which will suck your party members into a vortex around her body. This can do high damage, but hiding behind obstacles can keep you from taking most damage. Additionally, staying within melee range of the boss will help you to avoid damage altogether.

    Rewards: 2,790 XP / 600 Influence / 2 Power

    Gamordan Stormrider (Exalted Plains)

    Level: 15

    Recommended Player Level: 14-16

    Location: The Crow Fens, in the far northeast region of the Exalted Plains

    Prerequisite Quest: Gain Access to Ghilan’nain’s Grove (War Table operation)

    The Gamordan Stormrider High Dragon in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

    After completing the War Table operation ‘Gain Access to Ghilan’nain’s Grove,’ this lightning-spitting beast will appear in the northeastern section of the Exalted Plain. During this battle, it’s vital to avoid standing in water. This, however, is extremely difficult, as the fight takes place in a marsh. The beast can electrify the water around it, causing damage to any party members not on dry land. The southeastern portion of the battle area has the most solid land, so try to make use of it.

    Additionally, the area also features poison pits which must be avoided.

    The Gamordan Stormrider is vulnerable to Spirit magic, and bringing Electrical Resistance potions is recommended. During the battle, she’ll sometimes fly around the area, spitting lightning balls at your party, before landing violently on the ground. Try to spread your party out when she does this to avoid all members taking damage.

    Rewards: 3,611 XP / 1,600 Influence / 4 Power

    Greater Mistral (Emerald Graves)

    Level: 17

    Recommended Player Level: 15-18

    Location: The Southfinger Watch region, in the northern portion of the Emerald Graves

    The Greater Mistral High Dragon in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

    The Greater Mistral can be challenged immediately after arriving in the Emerald Graves. Fire is highly effective against this terrifying creature, and using Cold Resistance Tonics will provide some extra insurance for your party members. If you have any Antivan Fire grenades on hand, they can also do some serious damage to the high dragon.

    This fight is a lengthy one, as the Greater Minstral will often generate a full Guard bar which must be worn down before any damage can be done.

    Rewards: 12,372 XP / 3,000 Influence / 5 Power

    Hivernal (Emprise Du Lion)

    Level: 19

    Recommended Player Level: 19-21

    Location: In Etienne’s Ring in the eastern part of Emprise du Lion

    Prerequisite Quest: Restore Judicael’s Crossing (War Table operation)

    Prior to killing Hivernal, Kaltenzahn, and Highland Ravager, you’ll want to speak to Baron Edouard Desjardins in Emprise du Lion to begin the ‘Breeding Grounds’ quest. This quest requires you to kill these three high dragons, and the quest becomes inaccessible if you kill any of them prior to triggering the quest.
    Hivernal, a high dragon in Emprise Du Lion in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

    Hivernal is one of three high dragons found in the eastern portion of Emprise du Lion. While these beasts can be fought immediately following the completion of the ‘Restore Judicael’s Crossing’ War Table operation, you’ll want to pick up the ‘Breeding Grounds’ quest from Baron Edouard Desjardins prior to doing so. This will allow you to obtain all possible rewards for your impressive kills.

    You’ll want to bring plenty of Fire to this fight, equipping your mages with Fire Staffs and having some Antivan Fire grenades on hand. The battle itself is very similar to your fight with the Greater Mistral, with the only differences being the amount of health your enemy has and Hivernal’s lack of a Guard bar.

    Rewards: 4,253 XP / 3,600 Influence / 5 Power

    Vinsomer (The Storm Coast)

    Level: 19

    Recommended Player Level: 19-21

    Location: On Dragon Island, located off of the Storm Coast to the northwest.

    Prerequisite Quest: Red Templars on the Storm Coast (War Table operation), ‘Red Water’ (Side quest)

    Vinsomer, a high dragon in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

    After completing the prerequisite War Table operation and side quest, you’ll be able to make your way through the ancient Dwarven ruin known as Daerwin’s Mouth on the Storm Coast. This will unlock a boat you can use to reach the aptly-named Dragon Island.

    As Vinsomer uses electricity, you’ll want to wield Spirit magic in order to damage her. Mages in your party should have the Barrier, Dispel, Fade Step, and Energy Barrage abilities. Additionally, your Warrior should have Combat Roll, along with either Shield Bash or War Horn. Having the Inquisition Perks More Healing Potions (Forces) and Tempered Glass Flasks (Inquisition) will also help you to survive this tough battle.

    Your armor should grant you increased electricity resistance or magic defense, and any accessories that give a health bonus or guard damage bonus are recommended.

    Although she is immune to most status effects, she can be poisoned, which can make this battle go by much quicker.

    Rewards: 14,367 XP / 3,000 Influence / 4 Power

    Sandy Howler (The Hissing Wastes)

    Level: 20

    Recommended Player Level: 19-22

    Location: Near the Tomb of Fairel and the Sand Crags Inquisition camp in the eastern area of the Hissing Wastes

    Sandy Howler, one of the high dragons in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

    Vulnerable to cold damage, the Sandy Howler can be taken down quickly by utilizing cold magic and your Warrior’s upgraded Shield Bash ability to break through her regular Guard bar.

    During this fight, the dragon will occasionally screech, stunning the entire party for a few seconds and summoning two or three dragonling adds. Kill these tiny dragons quickly to avoid taking unnecessary damage.

    Rewards: 6,003 XP / 3,000 Influence / 4 Power

    Kaltenzahn (Emprise Du Lion)

    Level: 21

    Recommended Player Level: 20-23

    Location: In Judicael’s Ring in the eastern part of Emprise du Lion

    Prerequisite Quest: Restore Judicael’s Crossing (War Table operation) / ‘Breeding Grounds’ (Side quest)

    Kaltenzahn, a high dragon in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

    One of three High Dragons found in the eastern portion of Emprise du Lion, Kaltenzahn should be challenged after triggering the ‘Breeding Grounds’ side quest. She is vulnerable to fire damage and can be poisoned.

    Any Mages in your party should have the Barrier, Dispel, Fade Step, and Energy Barrage abilities and should have a Fire Stave equipped. As with Vinsomer, your Warrior should have Combat Roll, along with either Shield Bash or War Horn. Having either an Archer Rogue or two Mages can be helpful during this lengthy fight.

    Don’t bother trying to attack Kaltenzahn as she occasionally flies around the arena. Instead, keep moving to avoid incoming damage.

    Focus on the dragon’s head during the fight, as this will occasionally interrupt her attacks.

    Rewards: 16,822 XP / 3,600 Influence / 5 Power

    Highland Ravager (Emprise Du Lion)

    Level: 23

    Recommended Player Level: 22-25

    Location: In Leontine’s Ring in the eastern part of Emprise du Lion

    Prerequisite Quest: Restore Judicael’s Crossing (War Table operation) / ‘Breeding Grounds’ (Side quest)

    The Highland Ravager high dragon in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

    One of three High Dragons found in the eastern portion of Emprise du Lion, the Highland Ravager should only be challenged after triggering the ‘Breeding Grounds’ side quest. She is vulnerable to cold damage.

    This powerful creature will summon dragonlings towards the end of the battle, and the arena in which you fight her is extremely small, limiting your party’s movements. As with past battles, you’ll have to wear down her Guard bar to deal any damage.

    The Highland Ravager has a unique Fire Mine ability. Throughout the battle, you’ll see orange circles around certain party members. After three seconds, these circles will explode, doing high damage and knocking down any party members standing inside. As soon as you spot these circles, run away as quickly as possible.

    Rewards: 21,736 XP / 3,600 Influence / 7 Power

    Hakkon Wintersbreath (Frostback Basin)

    Level: 25

    Recommended Player Level: 24-27

    Location: In the Frostback Basin during the Jaws of Hakkon main quest ‘Hakkon Wintersbreath’

    Prerequisite Quest: ‘Hakkon Wintersbreath’ (Jaws of Hakkon DLC main quest)

    Hakkon Wintersbreath from the Jaws of Hakkon DLC in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

    You’ll fight Hakkon Wintersbreath as part of the Jaws of Hakkon DLC’s main story. Prior to doing so, make sure you have some Cold Resistance Tonics and fire-touched weapons.

    Before launching her attack, the dragon will first release a pack of Frosted Gibbering horrors, which will need to be defeated quickly. As with other High Dragons, Hakkon Wintersbreath will occasionally stun the party and fly around the arena, launching elemental projectiles.

    Rewards: 2,650 XP / 3,000 Influence / 4 Power

    Ataashi (The Darvaarad)

    Level: 25

    Recommended Player Level: 24-27

    Location: In the Darvaarad during the Trespasser DLC

    Prerequisite Quest: ‘Trespasser’ (Trespasser DLC main quest)

    Ataashi, a high dragon from the Dragon Age: Inquisition Trespasser DLC.

    Ataashi is a unique case. While you can fight this powerful foe, you can also choose to set her free, as she is held captive within The Darvaarad, a Quinari fortress controlled by the fearsome Ben-Hassrath.

    If you have killed 10 dragons and have already earned your Dragon’s Bane achievement, we would recommend setting her free for the amazing cutscene alone. First, destroy the cart blocking one of the flame rings using your newly-earned Fade power. Use the wheels to aim all flamethrowers away from the gate, then open the door by pulling the levers.