A race game being played in Stumble Guys.

Fall Guys Duplicate, Stumble Guys, Rakes in the Money on Mobile

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Stumble Guys, a strangely similar game to Fall Guys, has seen massive success recently. With Fall Guys absent from mobile, Stumble Guys has become number one on the free iPhone games chart in the US and UK.

It’s been almost a month since Fall Guys made the transition to free-to-play on June 20 this summer. Mediatonic prepared in advance for this transition by fixing numerous bugs in the game. Thus, players received an even better version that launched on the Nintendo Switch and Xbox. As expected, Fall Guys performed exceptionally well, hitting 20 million players just within the first 48 hours of its free-for-all and 50 million downloads two weeks later.

A soccer-type game being played in Stumble Guys.

However, though Fall Guys was available on every console and PC, it did not launch on mobile. This seems to have led to a golden opportunity for an eerily similar mobile game, Stumble Guys. Stumble Guys first soft-launched back in October, 2020, though its success seems to have picked up quite a bit since then. According to AppMagic, Stumble Guys has earned $21.5 million since launch, and it has been downloaded over 163 million times. Considering Fall Guys first launched in August, 2020, it seems someone from Kitka Games was paying close attention to Fall Guys‘ success, quickly following in Mediatonic’s footsteps.

Though Mediatonic is clearly missing out on revenue from a mobile launch of Fall Guys, the circumstances aren’t as simple as you’d think. Epic Games, which acquired Mediatonic last year, has been in a legal battle with Apple over Apple’s supposed “monopolistic practices.” This has led to Apple blacklisting Fortnite and refusing to include Epic’s App Store developer until the battle is over.