Do Potions Stack in Skyrim?

When playing Skyrim, you’ll encounter plenty of situations where you’ll want to boost your stats. Since potions can give you a boost, you’ll need to know if they stack and how to stack them to achieve the best results.

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    What Does It Mean to Stack Potions?

    Most players, at some point or another, have desired to stack potions while playing Skyrim. For example, let’s say you’re a mage in the middle of a tough fight, and you want to give your destruction spells a boost. You may be tempted to take two Fortify Destruction potions that boost your Destruction spells by 10% each. In theory, this could give your Destruction spells a 20% total boost. However, that’s not exactly how stacking potions work in Skyrim.

    Can Potions Stack in Skyrim?

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    The answer to this question is both yes and no. You cannot stack potions of the same type in Skyrim. So, in the previous example, you would only be able to get a 10% boost, because the second potion would take the place of the first. This is also true if the potions are the same type and have different values. If you take both a Fortify Destruction by 10% potion and a Fortify Destruction by 20% potion, your final boost will be only 20%, not 30%.

    However, you can combine potions of different types to get their effects at the same time. So, if you take a Fortify Destruction by 20% potion and a Resist Magic by 15% potion, those effects can stack simultaneously.

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