What Does Bad Omen Do in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, the Bad Omen status effect will cause you to trigger a raid the next time you enter a Village. The symbol that represents this status effect is a red-eyed Pillager head with 2 Axes below it.

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    How the Bad Omen Status Effect Works

    The player shooting at an illager with a banner during a raid with an enchanted bow.

    A raid will occur the moment you enter a Village with Bad Omen. As such, if you don’t want to deal with waves of hostile mobs, stay away from Villages for a little while. This status effect works a bit differently depending on which version of Minecraft you’re playing.

    How the Bad Omen Status Effect Works in the Bedrock Edition

    Even though there are 5 different levels of Bad Omen, in the Bedrock Edition, they all do the same thing. There is no difference in the raids that take place, regardless of whether you are at Bad Omen level 1 or higher.

    Something that does change how raids work in the Bedrock Edition is your difficulty setting. On easy mode, raids will have 3 waves of attacks, on normal mode, you’ll get 5 waves of enemies, and, finally, on hard mode, you’ll have to deal with 7 waves of foes. Each wave will consist of increasingly more Pillagers and Vindicators invading the Village you’re in. Later waves will even spawn a deadly Ravager, so prepare your defenses!

    How the Bad Omen Status Effect Works in the Java Edition

    Things are different in the Java Edition of the game in regards to how higher levels work. Level 1 acts as it does in the Bedrock Edition, however, level 2 will result in raids gaining another wave. This extra wave will possess the same number of mobs as the final wave. This will be true on any difficulty, which results in easy mode raids getting 4 waves, normal mode ones getting 6 waves, and hard mode raids increasing to 8 waves.

    Furthermore, each Bad Omen level above level 2 will grant increasingly higher odds of raid enemies spawning with enchanted weapons. The higher your Bad Omen level, the more likely the odds are. Your Bad Omen level won’t affect the level of the enemy enchantments.

    How You Can Get the Bad Omen Status Effect

    You will get the Bad Omen status effect when you kill a raid captain, which is a type of Illagers that has a banner on their back. Every raid captain that you take down will add another level to your Bad Omen status effect. However, this effect has a level cap of 5. It’s possible for you to find these higher rank Illagers at Pillager Outposts or on patrols with a few regular Illagers.

    How to Get Rid of the Bad Omen Status Effect

    A brown and white cow with red hearts above their head.

    Thankfully, if you don’t want to deal with raids, there are some easy ways to remove the Bad Omen status effect. Like with all status effects, you can remove Bad Omen by drinking milk. All you have to do to get milk is make a Bucket and then use it on any Cow. To drink the Milk Bucket, hold it in your have and then use it.

    Alternatively, if you’re near a Chest and your Bed, you can always just die. Dying in Minecraft will cause your character to reappear at your designated respawn point without any status effects. Just be sure to put all of your items in that aforementioned Chest first. That is unless you want to pick up every individual item you were carrying before your planned death.

    A pillager tower in a badlands biome. The bad omen icon, which is a pillager head with red eyes and 2 axes, is in the top left corner.