Harvestella: What Happens if You Don’t Go to Sleep?

Sleep is an important part of the day and night cycle in Harvestella. It’s essential that you have your character go to sleep at the end of the day, or you will face negative consequences.

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    When to Sleep

    To sleep in Harvestella, you need only return to your bed in Bird’s Eye Brae. At 10pm, a little message will appear on your screen to let you know that your character is “sleepy.” At midnight, a similar message will appear to inform you that your character is “very sleepy.” Once this happens, you will still have a little bit of time to roam around—but not much.

    As time passes after midnight, you will notice black edges around your screen creep closer and closer to your character. After a little while, your character will collapse to the ground and pass out. As long as you get to sleep any time before this point, you will avoid the negative effects of passing out.

    Effects of Not Sleeping

    Character passed out because they didn't go to sleep.

    If you don’t go to sleep and instead pass out from exhaustion, you will face several consequences. Cres, the town doctor, will bring you back to your bed, where you will wake up the next day. However, you will be forced to pay a doctor’s fee of 125 Grilla. Potentially worse than this is that your day will begin at 12pm rather than 6am, so you will lose six in-game hours of time to explore or farm.

    Message informing the player that their character is very sleepy.