What Are Red, Green, and Blue Shards Used For in Pokémon Legends: Arceus?

Red, Green, and Blue Shards in Pokémon Legends: Arceus are used to craft Star Pieces. You need to combine three of each—along with one Stardust—to make a single Star Piece. Afterward, you can sell Star Pieces for 5,000 Poké Dollars.

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    How to Get the Crafting Recipe to Make Star Pieces

    A list of crafting recipes for sale with the player hovering over the crafting recipe for Star Pieces.

    Before you can begin converting Shards and Stardust into valuable Star Pieces, you’ll need to buy the Star Piece crafting recipe from the Craftworks shop in Jubilife Village. This shop is run by Anvin and can be found in the northwest part of Jubilife Village. It is fairly close to the Training Grounds.

    The Star Piece crafting recipe will cost 10,000 Poké Dollars, so be sure to save up before purchasing it. However, this recipe will pay for itself after you craft and sell two Star Pieces. After that, it’s all profit!

    Due to the abundance of Shards and Stardust in the game, crafting and selling Star Pieces is arguably the best way to make money besides making expedition reports with professor Laventon.

    Where to Get Red, Green, and Blue Shards

    A player walking around a space-time distortion and picking up a Red Shard.

    The only place you can find Shards are within space-time distortions. They will be the most common item that spawns on the ground and will look like small plates. Shards will continuously spawn as you run around, so be sure to constantly stay on the move in order to find as many as possible.

    Item spawning continues as long as the space-time distortion is active, so the limit to how many Shards you can collect is only limited by how long a space-time distortion lasts.

    The color of the Shards will be random. As such, you’ll likely end up with uneven amounts of each color. Among the Shards that spawn, you can sometimes find evolutionary items like Elemental Stones. Therefore, while you’re Shard hunting, you’ll have good chances of finding rarer goods.

    Where to Find Stardust

    The last component for crafting Star Pieces can also be farmed fairly easily. Stardust drops from shiny ore deposits. Whenever you see an ore deposit with sparkles coming off of it, smash it with the help of your Pokémon for some guaranteed Stardust.

    Furthermore, Stardust can also spawn in space-time distortions. As such, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for them within the reality anomalies as well.

    The crafting requirements for Star Pieces, which list red, green, and blue Shards as well as Stardust.