What Does the Skeleton Key Do in Mario Party Superstars?

Skeleton Keys are common items used in Mario Party Superstars to pass through locked gates. You’ll want to have one in your inventory most of the time, so you can move throughout the board more efficiently.

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    What the Skeleton Key is Used For

    On any map in Mario Party Superstars, there are locked gates that block off certain paths. Usually, the gates are blocking off shortcuts on the map. Additionally, gates will sometimes be placed in front of Boo, who you can use to steal Coins and Stars from other players. Skeleton Keys are used to open and pass through these gates.

    How to Obtain a Skeleton Key

    Daisy buying a Skeleton Key from the Item Shop.

    There are two main ways to get Skeleton Keys in Mario Party Superstars. The easiest way to get one is to buy it from an Item Shop for three Coins. Additionally, you can get them by landing on an Item space or Lucky space. Skeleton Keys are not guaranteed by landing on these spaces, however. The last way to get a Skeleton Key is by stealing it from another player with a Plunder Chest. However, the Plunder Chest steals items from a player at random, so this is also not guaranteed to land you with a Skeleton Key.

    How to Use a Skeleton Key

    To use a Skeleton Key, simply travel to a locked gate on the map while you have one in your inventory. When you reach the gate, you’ll be prompted to use it. After you use the Skeleton Key to pass through the gate, it will be removed from your inventory.

    Daisy holding a Skeleton Key.