The Notorious Mark appearance during the Dread Comet hunt in Final Fantasy 16.

Final Fantasy 16: Dread Comet Hunt Location and Rewards

Instead of "kweh," this chocobo shrieks "KILL!"

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Key Takeaway

This Notorious Mark lives in the Dhalmekian Republic. It’s waiting within the Sickle area—in the short, thick middle path leading south. The quickest way here is to start from Dravozd and travel southwest.

However, if you haven’t reached the Dravozd obelisk yet, you can instead start from the obelisk in the Jaw, work your way eastward into the Sickle and then head south to this wild and wicked chocobo’s lair.

The Dread Comet hunt in Final Fantasy 16 nets you the unique Comet Feather crafting material as a reward but tasks you with tracking down an unexpected target: a red chocobo. Usually, these big birds are amiable; however, this individual is far from friendly. Worse yet, this chocobo can cast spells.

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    Where to Find the Dread Comet

    The location of the Dread Comet hunt on the Final Fantasy 16 map of the Dhalmekian Republic.

    The Dread Comet hunt becomes available shortly after you begin A Song of Hope—which is a main quest you get following your expedition to Kanver. The destination you need to explore to discover the level 38 Dread Comet is the Dhalmekian Republic’s region known as the Sickle. There are two obelisks that are about equal distances from this hunt’s location: the ones in the Jaw and in Dravozd.

    If you haven’t unlocked the Dravozd obelisk yet, start from the Jaw and head northeast into the Sickle. Afterward, take the second path southward (the short and thick one).

    Alternatively, if you have been to Dravozd before, start from there, as it’s a bit closer to the Dread Comet’s lair. From Dravozd, venture southwest through the northern part of the Fields of Corava. Stay north until you reach the short passage that connects the Sickle and the Fields of Corava, and then take a few steps south to confront the chaotic chocobo.

    If you need more help finding the Dread Comet, take a look at the Notorious Mark symbol in the image above.

    How to Beat the Dread Comet

    Clive about to fight the Dread Comet in Final Fantasy 16.

    For the most part, the Dread Comet doesn’t have the most dangerous attacks…except one. Let’s break down this chocobo’s offensive tactics.

    • Claw Swipes: After scratching at the ground, the Dread Comet leaps at you with its claws outstretched. It’ll hover in the air and slash the area in front of itself a few times. If you dodge the initial slash, you’ll be in the clear. When you see this brightly-colored chocobo scratching the ground, get ready to dodge left or right.
    • Stomp: With little windup, this Notorious Mark can step forward and plant one of its powerful clawed feet on Clive’s face. Such strikes can happen twice in a row. Stay on your toes to avoid this attack—the bird raises its wings and one of its legs just before using this move. When you see a Stomp coming, dodge in any direction to evade it.
    • Peck: Similar to the Stomp attack, the Dread Comet lifts its wings briefly before lunging forward to bite you with its beak. There’s not much telegraphing here, so keep your eyes peeled for when this chocobo lifts its wings.
    • Aether Pulse: On occasion, the feathered fiend lets out a shrill cry and emits a gale of blue dust around itself. This doesn’t deal damage but pushes you back and stuns you briefly. You can’t really avoid this attack if you’re within melee range. With that said, there’s no real consequence to getting hit here, as the Dread Comet doesn’t attack until after the stun effect on you fades.
    • Choco Meteor: True to its name, the Dread Comet can call down celestial objects for a powerful attack. This ability’s name appears on-screen before it’s used, so you’ll have some warning. There are two damage hitboxes for Choco Meteor: where the meteor itself lands and the shockwave caused by the landing. You need to evade both to avoid taking damage.
    Spamming the dodge button can help you avoid Choco Meteor’s areas of effect; however, we found that it’s easier to evade the shockwave by being in the air.
    • Choco Meteorain: Easily the most dangerous of the Dread Comet’s attacks, this ability (its name appears on-screen before it’s used) calls down many meteors all over the battlefield for an altogether too long span of time. It can be difficult to dodge every meteor and its shockwave while on the ground, so we recommend using Garuda’s Deadly Leap to stay in the air as much as possible while this ability is being used.
    The Dread Comet does not have a Will Gauge, so you can’t consistently stagger it. As such, for this hunt, you should equip abilities that focus on damage output. With that said, you’ll briefly stun this bird on occasion when attacking it.

    While planning your offense for this hunt, we suggest you equip Garuda and two other Eikons of your choice. As we mentioned above, Garuda’s Deadly Leap is very helpful when avoiding Choco Meteorain; although Garuda’s Aerial Blast is another noteworthy ability as it is a solid way to deal a lot of passive damage.

    Other abilities that focus on landing big hits, like Flames of Rebirth (Phoenix), Gigaflare (Bahamut), and Earthen Fury (Titan) are ones you should consider using. Since you’re better off staying on the move, we think you should avoid using abilities that keep you rooted to the ground, like Flare Breath (Bahamut) and Windup (Titan).

    The Dread Comet Hunt Rewards

    The rewards for the Dread Comet hunt in Final Fantasy 16.

    As you complete the Dread Comet hunt, you’ll get a wealth of worthy rewards!

    • 5,300 Experience
    • 90 Ability Points
    • 13,000 Gil
    • 30 Renown
    • 1 Comet Feather

    The Comet Feather you collect is a vital component for making the Ouroboros belt: one of the best pieces of waist armor in Final Fantasy 16. On top of that, you get a satisfying amount of Experience and Gil—both of which benefit Clive by making him physically and financially stronger. You’re on your way to becoming the mightiest hero around! Nektar will be proud—kupo!