The Notorious Mark appearance during the Sekhret hunt in Final Fantasy 16.

Final Fantasy 16: Sekhret Hunt Location and Rewards

Meet the strongest minotaur in Rosaria—and then slay it!

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Key Takeaway

The Notorious Mark called Sekhret resides in the Imperial Province of Rosaria. You’ll find this mighty minotaur directly north of Martha’s Rest—in the northwest corner of the Greensheaves area. The fastest way to this hunting spot is to warp to the obelisk in Martha’s Rest and proceed northward.

The Sekhret hunt is one of the earliest chances you’ll have to gain great loot in Final Fantasy 16. Although Sekhret isn’t that unique of an enemy, fighting it is great hunting practice—and gives you a chance to explore the lush parts of Rosaria’s landscape.

Table Of Contents

    Where to Find Sekhret

    Location of the Sekhret hunt on the Rosaria map in Final Fantasy 16.

    After you move to the new Hideaway|| and gain access to the Hunt Board managed by Nektar, everyone’s favorite FF16 moogle (kupo!), you’ll find a few hunts. The first of these (the Ahriman hunt) should be done, but you won’t find the Sekhret hunt here yet. Keep doing main quests until it appears.

    When the Sekhret hunt becomes available, it’ll be a straightforward task to find the rampaging bipedal beast. Warp to Martha’s Rest and travel north into the Greensheaves area. The Notorious Mark you’re after is at level 31 and is in the northwest corner of this swampy patch of land. If you need some help finding Sekhret, head to the spot marked with a red circle in the image above.

    How to Beat Sekhret

    Clive fighting a named minotaur in Final Fantasy 16.

    Like other minotaurs, Sekhret is a brute that tries to run you down or hit you with its large club. Success in this struggle means dodging the Notorious Mark’s attacks and capitalizing on any window of opportunity. We’ll break down each of Sekhret’s attacks to make things easier.

    • Overhead Club Slam: One of Sekhret’s more frequent attacks is this assault from above. You’ll see it coming when the minotaur raises its large weapon above its head. Prepare to dodge in any direction to get away from the point of impact.
    • One-Arm Swing: At any given moment, this Notorious Mark may recklessly swing its club at you in a diagonal sweep. Dodge away from the direction the club is coming to avoid this attack.
    • Two-Arm Swing: Much like the One-Arm Swing, this attack features the minotaur using its club to attack you in a sweeping motion. However, this maneuver involves Sekhret winding up a baseball-like hit that has both a lot of start-up delay and post-attack recovery.
    • Bull Rush: As you’d expect from a creature with a bull’s horns, Sekhret tries to gore you during sudden charges. Although this is a very linear attack, if you’re far away, Sekhret will be able to line up this charge easily and home in on your position. However, if you’re right next to the beast, it’ll have a hard time locking on to you. As such, if you’re close to your prey, you should be able to sidestep this attack.
    Sekhret likes to do two Bull Rushes in a row. After you dodge the first, get ready for the second!
    • Big Swing: This attack is a named ability—so you’ll see text appear on-screen when Sekhret is about to unleash this move. After a long windup, the mighty minotaur begins swinging its huge club in a circle while slowly moving toward you. The best way to avoid this onslaught is to stay out of reach by dodging backward repeatedly. During this time, you can pepper Sekhret with magic attacks and Sic commands. This attack ends after seven counterclockwise swings.
    • Raging Bull: This is another named ability whose text appears on-screen before it happens—so you’ll likely see it coming. This assault is composed of five separate swings of Sekhret’s club. As long as you’re not standing directly in front of the beast when this happens, you’ll be fine since the minotaur does not move much during this maneuver.
    Never stand in front of Sekhret! Stay on one of its flanks or behind it when attacking to avoid most of its moves with ease.

    When planning your offense, we recommend using abilities that focus on staggering targets. Garuda’s Aerial Blast and Gouge both shred through the Will Gauges of enemies—so make use of them during this hunt.

    For utility, Garuda’s Deadly Takedown in particular is a great way to create more openings for attacks. Use it as soon as Sekhret’s Will Gauge drops below 50% to turn a partial stagger into a full stagger for a few seconds. Also, using Garuda’s Deadly Leap is a handy way to dodge incoming attacks.

    If you’ve obtained Titan’s abilities, Titanic Block is a reliable trick for last-minute damage avoidance. Titan’s offensive abilities—especially Upheaval and Windup—are useful for dealing sizable amounts of damage to any foe.

    The Sekhret Hunt Rewards

    The rewards for the Sekhret hunt in Final Fantasy 16.

    Once you complete the Sekhret Hunt, you’ll get some decent rewards.

    • 920 Experience
    • 60 Ability Points
    • 8,200 Gil
    • 20 Renown
    • 1 Minotaur Mane

    Around the time the Sekhret hunt becomes available, 8,200 Gil is a lot of money! You can use these funds to buy weapons, armor, consumables, and other important goods. All of which help Clive stay alive—including on future and more fearsome hunts. Be sure to hang onto that Minotaur Mane as well, as it comes in handy for crafting. Just don’t give it a sniff…minotaurs aren’t known for their pleasant odor.