A collection of concept art of the Final Fantasy IX characters by Yoshitaka Amano

Final Fantasy IX: Every Character’s Age, Birthday, and Height

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Final Fantasy IX is one of the most beloved entries in the franchise, so it’s of little surprise that its characters rank among the most popular in the series. Here, you can find their age, birthday, and height where applicable.

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    Final Fantasy IX Character Statistics

    Below you can find all of the notable characters’ ages, birthdays, heights, occupations, and trance where known and applicable.

    NameAgeBirthday HeightTranceOccupation
    Zidane Tribal16 September 17835'8'' (173cm)DyneThief, Former Member of Tantalus
    Garnet Til Alexandros XVII,
    16January 15, 17845'4'' (164cm)EidolonPrincess of Alexandria,
    Adelbert Steiner33March 17666'2'' (190cm)(3x Physical Attack Power)Captain of the Knights of Pluto
    Vivi Ornitier6 monthsJuly 17993'11'' (121cm)Dbl Blk (Double Cast Black Magic)Mage
    Freya Crescent21July 17786'1'' (187cm)JumpDragon Knight
    Eiko Carol6March 17933'11'' (121cm)Dbl Wht (Double Cast White Magic)Summoner
    Quina Quen8917105'8'' (173cm)CookChef
    Amarant Coral26November 17737'5'' (226.3cm)ElanBounty Hunter
    Queen Brahne39October 1960n/an/aQueen of Alexandria
    Kuja241776 n/an/aAngel of Death
    Beatrix27April 1772n/an/aGeneral
    Doctor Tot52August 1747n/an/aScholar
    Blankn/an/a5'4'' (164cm)n/aMember of Tantalus
    Marcusn/an/an/an/aMember of Tantalus
    Cinnan/an/an/an/aMember of Tantalus
    Bakun/an/an/an/aHead of Tantalus
    Rubyn/an/an/an/aMember of Tantalus, Actress
    Zorn88July 1711n/an/aMage, Jester
    Thorn88July 1711n/an/aMage, Jester
    Puck14n/an/an/aPrince of Burmecia
    Mogn/an/an/an/aEiko's pet
    Fratley25n/an/an/aDragon Knight
    Cid Fabool IX35September 1764n/an/aRegent of Lindblum
    Lady Hildagarde Fabool27n/an/an/aLady of Lindblum

    You can find additional information on all of the main characters of Final Fantasy IX, as well as the quotes from all of the playable cast. These short biopics allude to important events and relationships that develop throughout the game. Be warned if you wish to play the game uninitiated.

    Zidane Tribal

    The 3D render of Zidane Tribal alongside his quote: VIRTUE "You don't need a reason to help people."

    Zidane Tribal begins the game as a member of the Tantalus theater troupe. He is an upbeat and seemingly carefree individual, and is often found making passes at any girl that he meets. He and the rest of the Tantalus troupe kidnap Garnet with her consent at the start of the game. This is much to the chagrin of her bodyguard, Steiner.

    Zidane is unsurprisingly drawn to Garnet, but he learns throughout the game that his feelings for her are more than just skin-deep. In Alexandria, Zidane also meets and befriends Vivi. During this adventure, he gives guidance to Vivi on what it means to live life and exist freely. Eventually, Zidane learns what this means for himself as well.

    Garnet Till Alexandros XVII

    The 3D render of Garnet, along side her quote: DEVOTION "Someday I will be Queen, but I will always be myself."

    Garnet is the daughter of Queen Brahne and the princess of Alexandria. She is guarded by two of the Queen’s generals, Steiner and Beatrix. Her relationship with the Queen grows to be more and more tenuous as the Queen’s lust for power grows.

    With the help of Tantalus, Garnet makes her escape from Alexandria and meets Zidane. Garnet warms to Zidane as he shows her the world beyond the castle walls.

    The game begins with Garnet waking from a dream. As she sees more of the world and meets Eiko, Garnet comes to learn more about her dreams and her mysterious past.

    Adelbert Steiner

    The original 3D render of Steiner, alongside his quote: DILEMMA "Having sworn fealty, Must I spend my life in servitude?"

    Steiner is Captain of the Pluto Knights of Alexandria who serve Queen Brahn. He and Beatrix also serve as bodyguards to Garnet. As Garnet’s relationship with the Queen becomes more strained, Steiner becomes increasingly anxious as his loyalties are tested. What’s more, he greatly disapproves of the influence Zidane has on her and does not hesitate to express his displeasure with him.

    By contrast, Steiner immediately holds a great deal of respect for Vivi and his power. With his help, Steiner can perform magic strikes in battle. Over the course of the game, Steiner learns who and what is important to him and shares this journey with Beatrix.

    Vivi Ornitier

    The original 3D render of Vivi alongside his quote: SORROW "How do you prove you exist...? Maybe we don't exist..."

    Vivi is a young black mage who starts the game roaming the streets of Alexandria. Vivi is shown to have immense power early on but he questions his power and his purpose in life, especially after his origins are revealed. With a bit of Zidane’s insight, Vivi learns that one’s meaning in life doesn’t stem from your past, but in the friendships and experiences you make with your time now.

    Vivi ranks among the most popular JRPG characters of all time and is rightly a widely beloved character amongst fans of the Final Fantasy series.

    Freya Crescent

    The original 3D render of Freya alongside her quote: DESPAIR "To be forgotten is worse than death."

    Freya is a dragon knight originally from Burmecia and a long-time friend of Zidane. As a knight of Burmecia, she is a capable fighter and is often demonstrating her prowess in combat. Freya left Burmecia in search of her past love and fellow dragon knight, Sir Fratley. However, she comes to learn that her fond memories of the past cannot be rekindled so easily.

    Eiko Carol

    The original 3D render of Eiko alongside her quote: SOLITUDE "I don't wanna be alone anymore..."

    Eiko is a young summoner from Madain Sari. With only moogles for company there, Eiko yearns for the company of other people. When Zidane and the others arrive, she is immediately drawn to him and attempts to win him over. Over time she realizes that loneliness isn’t fixed by one person and learns the value of being surrounded by all of her new friends instead.

    One of her pet moogles, Mog, often runs at the first sign of trouble. Later on, the true extent of Mog’s loyalty to Eiko is revealed.

    Quina Quen

    The original 3D render of Quina alongside her quote: INDULGENCE "I do what I want! You have problem!?"

    Quina begins the game as a chef in the kitchens of Alexandria Castle. They then later join the party at Qu’s marsh when their master, Quale, tells them that they need to visit other marshes and learn to catch their own frogs. Quina has a child-like temperament and an inquisitive nature.

    Amarant Coral

    Amarant's original 3D render alongside his quote: ARROGANCE "The only dependable thing about the future is uncertainty"

    Amarant is an aloof bounty hunter that hails from Treno. He holds a grudge against Zidane for an incident in their past that forced him to go on the run.

    He and Lani are hired by Queen Brahne to bring back Garnet and kill Vivi. However, Amarant reconsiders his feelings and his mission as the game goes on and eventually joins the party later on.

    Queen Brahne

    Concept for Queen Brahne by Yoshitaka Amano

    Queen Brahne presides over the kingdom of Alexandria. She is Garnet’s mother and while the two used to be closer, they continue to grow further apart as Brahne gives in to her avarice.

    Brahne commands the two generals, Beatrix and Steiner, to her bidding. These commands become more extreme as the game goes on, testing the loyalty of the two generals. Brahne seems to be falling under the influence of a mysterious man known as Kuja.


    Concept art for Beatrix by Yoshitaka Amano

    Beatrix is Queen Brahne’s most formidable general. As such, she is tasked with the Queen’s most important missions and relishes in defeating her opponents. However, as events go on, Beatrix begins to question her role and loyalties. She also becomes closer to Steiner as they both learn what it means to follow their own path.


    Concept art for Kuja by Yoshitaka Amano

    Kuja is a mysterious adviser to Queen Brahne. His intentions seem unclear as he operates behind the scenes, but it appears that he is the one stoking Brahne’s desire for dominion. He holds an important connection with Zidane which is revealed later in the game.