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Final Fantasy VIII: 11 Side Quests You’ve Probably Never Done

How many of these have you experienced firsthand?

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Final Fantasy games are packed full of obscure content, and Final Fantasy VIII is no exception. These are a few of the sidequests that aren’t exactly obvious to get to, and that you probably haven’t seen.

Instructor Aki

Mr. Aki in Final Fantasy VIII.

Rewards: None. In fact, doing either part of this will get you a demerit toward your SeeD rank.

After completing the Fire Cavern and getting Ifrit, two students will sit outside the 2F classroom. They will ask if Squall will show off his gunblade to them. If he does, Instructor Aki will arrive to give demerit points toward Squall’s future SeeD rank.

Later in the game, after defeating NORG, a student on 2F of the Garden will ask to see some Para-Magic. If Squall obliges, Instructor Aki will arrive to deduct a SeeD rank.

Zell’s Love Quest

Zell's love quest.

Rewards: Mega Phoenix, One Spell (depending on answers, either Meteor, Scan, Demi, Triple, Holy, Ultima, Shell, Full-Life, or Zombie), Combat King 003

You’ll need to do several things to see Zell’s love scene to completion.

    1. At the start of the game, visit the Library and talk to the Librarian with a Pigtail to learn the rules of the Library.
    2. After receiving the Timber mission briefing from Cid, head to the Library. Find the Librarian with a Pigtail by the draw point. Zell will ask her about “Good-bye Pupurun.”
    3. When you split the party between the Garden and the Missile Base, take Zell with you back to the Garden. Visit the Library and the Librarian with a Pigtail will give you a Mega Phoenix.
    4. When looking for Ellone after the White SeeD Ship arrives, head back to the Library without Zell and talk to the Librarian with a Pigtail. She will be talking to a SeeD and will say she wants “everyone to read a book that will remain close to their hearts.”
    5. When Irvine has to choose instruments for the Garden Festival, you can leave the area as Irvine while any of the other members are playing their instruments and head to the Garden. (there’s other stuff you can do as Irvine too!) As Irvine, visit the Library. Walk closer to the draw point by the bookshelves to find the Librarian with a Pigtail. She will ask about Zell.
    6. After liberating Balamb from Galbadia, with Zell in the party, you can visit the Library and head to the reading room in the back. Try to leave and the Librarian with a Pigtail’s friends will ask you your favorite color and food. Your answers here will determine the magic you can get later (see the chart below).
    7. Before heading to Trabia, you can visit the Library to find a SeeD talking to one of the Library Committee girls. After the conversation, talk to her and she will ask if you think “HE likes HER?”
    8. After visiting Trabia, take Zell back to the Library and walk to the draw point by the bookshelves. Here, the Librarians will be talking about Zell and then give the results of the questionnaire.

A few things to keep in mind are Zell & The Librarian’s “Love Meter” is a 1-5 star rating that will indicate how much Squall will get to hear between Zell and the Librarian with a Pigtail in the upcoming scene. Zell & The Librarian’s “Love Compatibility” is romantic “fortune” influenced by what answers you give the girls in the previous scene. The “Love Spot” is always the Hotel by the Ocean.

The “Love Meter” rating is not affected by the answers you give, but rather by a hidden value related to how many times you visit the library. the value goes up by 1 each time you enter the Library from the corridor side. To get a 5-Star Love Meter rating, you have to visit the Library 51 times and see Zell’s Love Quest Events #2, #4, and #6.

When given the results, the girl will say You began to understand her ‘feelings’! and you will get a spell based on your answers (you must have a free Magic slot).

Hot DogsShellFull-LifeZombie

On Disc 3, after the Laguna Movie Dream Sequence, head to the Library to find one of the Librarians reading a book by the desk. Talk to her to get the prompt to look for the Librarian with a Pigtail. Next, visit Balamb Town with Zell in your party. By the train station, a girl in a red skirt will ask Zell if he knows a girl with a pigtail. Visit Zell’s mother and she will also say a girl was looking for him.

Spend the night at the Balamb Hotel. In the morning, Zell will be gone. Head downstairs to see Zell talking to the Librarian with a Pigtail. As stated above, the amount of conversation you can hear depends on your Love Meter rating.

After they finish talking, she will give Zell Combat King 003.

Reunite the Cafeteria Lady and Her Son

The Cafeteria lady's son in Final Fantasy VIII.

Rewards: None. It’s just a nice thing to do!

The first time you go to the cafeteria, before the Fire Cavern, speak with the Cafeteria Lady to prompt this questline. In Fisherman’s Horizon, after defeating BGH251F2 and reuniting with your party, return to where you battled it. The Cafeteria Lady’s son will be there. Talk to him to encourage him to return home.

Visit the Cafeteria to see the results of reuniting these two.

Encourage an Aspiring Journalist

Timber Maniacs journalist.

Rewards: Pet Nametag

When you first visit Timber, speak to the young man in green outside of Timber Maniacs. Don’t let him give up by encouraging him to follow his dreams.

Return to Timber to get a Pet Nametag from him in thanks.

Timber Train Rescue

Timber Train Girl.

Rewards: A free stay in the Timber Hotel

Return to Timber and head for the Train Station. You’ll find the two kids that were planning on jumping the tracks during your first visit.

Rescue her from the incoming train and you’ll be rewarded with a free stay in the Hotel. Examine the model train that enters the room to read about your heroics.

The Card Queen’s Son Quest

The Card Queen's son.

Rewards: Potion, Phoenix Down, Soft (if before Battle of the Gardens). X-Potion, Mega Potion, Elixir (if after Battle of the Gardens).

Visit the Card Queen’s house in Dollet and examine what her son has added to his grandfather’s painting.

  • Examine Location 1, near Central Square fountain to find a Potion or an X-Potion.
  • Examine Location 2, below the Bridge near Dollet Pub to find a Phoenix Down or a Mega Potion.
  • Examine Location 3, in front of the Card Queen’s house to find a Soft or an Elixir.

Master Fisherman’s Quest

Master Fisherman's Quest.

Rewards: Occult Fan III, Megalixir, 20 points toward your SeeD rank

The first part of this quest must be completed before going upstairs into Mayor Dobe’s House. On the screen with a large water tank, climb down the ladder on the left side of the tank. Continue along the machinery to reach the Master Fisherman. Any response you give him will get you Occult Fan III. Speak to him again, and he’ll ask you to check on his student at the dock.

Climb back up the ladder and take the lift down. Follow the tracks to the docks. Out in a boat, you’ll find a young boy fishing. Squall’s answers should be:

  1. “Sort of,”
  2. “I saw him,”
  3. “I was…kind of…impressed,”

Afterward, keep speaking to him until he stops casting his fishing rod.

Master Fisherman’s Quest, Part II

The second part must be done when Squall is by himself in FH (after seeing the Mayor), but before returning to Balamb Garden. Return to the Fisherman’s student and speak to him. Run back over to the Master Fisherman who is still in the same spot. Irvine will join you. The Master Fisherman will tell you to meet him at Drunkman’s Alley Inn. He’ll be upstairs (you do not need to pay for a room, just run up there).

Squall’s answer should be “Why not…?”

Follow the Fisherman to the dock where his student is. Speak to the shopkeeper (any answer is fine). Lastly, speak to the Master Fisherman. When he asks if you need help getting back, whichever option you choose, he’ll hand over a Megalixir and add 20 exp to your SeeD rank.

Explore Fisherman’s Horizon as Irvine

Exploring Fisherman's Horizon as Irvine.

Rewards: Phoenix Down, 15 Fast Ammo, 10 AP Ammo, 5 Pulse Ammo

While any of the characters are playing their instruments, before confirming that they sound good, you can leave the scene and walk up the ramp. Run to Grease Monkey’s house (the house with the blue door). Speak to the Officer, walk outside when he prompts you to, but then reenter the house. Talk to Grease Monkey to receive a Phoenix Down, and to the Officer to take 15 Fast Ammo, 10 AP Ammo, and 5 Pulse Ammo.

As Irvine, you can also:

  • Enter Drunkman’s Alley inn and watch a special report on the TV.
  • Visit the Library at Balamb Garden as Irvine for Zell’s Love Quest.
  • Explore the Garden Computer as Irvine.

When you’re finished, head back to FH and finish picking the Garden Festival Instruments.

The Winhill Vase Quest

The Winhill Vase.

Rewards: Gysahl Greens, Phoenix Pinion, Holy Stone

Speak to the man on the stairs inside the mansion overlooking the central square to begin this quest. Here’s where you can find each vase piece.

Vase PieceLocation
Vase Piece #1Suit of Armor inside Winhill Mansion (You must have either Quistis, Irvine, or both characters with you in the party).
Vase Piece #2Flowers close to screen in Flower Shop.
Vase Piece #3In Raine’s Pub. Speak to the woman upstairs. Examine the White Flowers on the table on the right, close to the screen. Examine the ghost, and then the cat.
Vase Piece #4Kick the Chicobo at the Crossing. Kicking it a second time will yield a Gysahl Greens, and kicking it three times will get you a Phoenix Pinion.

Return all four pieces to the man in the Mansion to get a Holy Stone.

Fully Completing the Shumi Village Quest

Shumi Village side quest in Final Fantasy VIII.

Rewards: Phoenix Pinion, Status Guard

When the party first visits Shumi Village, they can examine the statue at the workshop and speak to Sculptor. The Moomba that was blocking the door of the Elder’s residence will move out of the way. After talking to the Elder, the party should return to the Sculptor and agree to help him finish the statue by bringing him five stones scattered around the village.

  • The Blue Stone: the large rock behind Sculptor and the statue.
  • The Wind Stone: the large rock next to the hotel.
  • The Life Stone: climb up the tree roots to the right of the Elder’s house.
  • The Shadow Stone: the center point of the crisscrossing shadows to the right of the stairs (found up the lift where the Ultima draw point is).
  • The Water Stone: the Artisan’s sink. There is a stone by the pond in front of the Artisan’s house, but bringing it to Sculptor will reveal it is just a decorative stone put by the pond.

After a scene, the Elder will give the party a Phoenix Pinion.

The Shumi Village Quest, Part II

Return to the village and talk to the villagers about the Elder’s Attendant not wanting to help with the statue. The attendant is found in the corner of the workshop, refusing to work.

Ask the Moomba outside to help. The Moomba will talk to the Attendant, and convince him to work on the statue. However, the Shumi still need a third person. Artisan says he is too busy to help.

The Shumi Village Quest, Part III

Return to Fisherman’s Horizon and talk to the Grease Monkey to get a Moomba doll to give to the Artisan. After they leave his house, and if the player completed the Master Fisherman sidequest, you will find Master Fisherman by the pond. Speak to the Elder to get the Status Guard.

The Shumi Village Quest, Part IV: Secret Laguna Flashback

The last event in Shumi Village yields no item rewards, but the player can witness an extra scene of the time Laguna spent in the village.

Return to Shumi Village on Disc 3 after Laguna’s statue has been completed. Enter the workshop and the scene will play automatically. If the player completed the Master Fisherman sidequest, he will also make an appearance.

Big Bad Rascal

Big Bad Rascal in Final Fantasy VIII.

Rewards: Spd Up

Several scenes involving the Big Bad Rascal can be seen if Balamb and Zell’s house are visited repeatedly with Zell in the party. You can watch the scenes as soon as Zell joins the party. However, you can only get the Spd Up after liberating Balamb and gaining access to Zell’s bedroom.

  • Big Bad Rascal pushes a girl.
  • The Big Bad Rascal runs out of Zell’s house with his mother chasing after him before she stops to talk to the man sitting outside the junk shop. Talk to both his mother and the man on the bench.
  • The Big Bad Rascal pushes over the hotel owner’s daughter outside the Balamb Hotel. Leave and re-enter the area and talk to the hotel owner.
  • Big Bad Rascal is found hiding in the docks’ parking lot.

After seeing the last scene with Big Bad Rascal, go up to Zell’s Room and check Zell’s pillow to get a Spd Up.