Rikku speaking the Al Bhed language in Final Fantasy X.

Final Fantasy X: All Al Bhed Primer Locations

Learning a language isn't a cakewalk. In Final Fantasy X, it's a scavenger hunt.

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The Al Bhed are a unique race of people in Final Fantasy X. Known for their technological prowess and use of machina, the Al Bhed even have their own language. As you travel across Spira and progress through the game, you’ll find tomes to help you learn this curious tongue.

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    What are Al Bhed Primers?

    Like English, the Al Bhed language has 26 letters. Hidden throughout the game are 26 Al Bhed Primers, each of which translates one letter of the language. Finding them all will enable you to fully understand the Al Bhed dialogue spoken throughout the game and will reward you with an achievement.

    Additionally, if you speak to Rin on the airship Fahrenheit after finding every primer, he’ll reward you with 99 Underdog’s Secrets. This rare item lets you add Double Overdrive to any customizable weapon. This ability is exceptionally useful for Rikku, as it unlocks some of her more powerful mixes.

    Throughout the game, you’ll also find Al Bhed Compilation Spheres. These allow you to import Primers from another save file.

    All Al Bhed Primer Locations

    Below, we’ve listed where to find every Al Bhed Primer in Final Fantasy X.

    Note: Four of the primers are missable, meaning that once you leave their location, you won’t be able to return to pick them up. Be careful!

    VolumeAl Bhed LetterEnglish LetterLocationMissable?
    IYAOn the Al Bhed Salvage Ship
    *If missed, can also be found in Sanubia Desert to the northeast of the Oasis
    IIPBIn Besaid Village inside the Crusaders LodgeNo
    IIILCIn the Power Room on the S.S. Liki
    *If missed, can also be found in Sanubia Desert beside Wakka's tent
    IVTDIn the tavern at Kilika PortNo
    VAEOn the bridge of the S.S. Winno
    *If missed, can also be found in Sanubia Desert in the rubble near Kimahri
    VIVFIn Basement B of Luca StadiumNo
    VIIKGIn the reception area of Luca TheaterNo
    VIIIRHReceivedfrom Rin on the Mi'ihen HighroadNo
    IXEIOn Newroad, North on the Mi'ihen HighroadNo
    XZJOn the Precipice on Mushroom Rock RoadNo
    XIGKHidden behind a pillar on the Djose HighroadNo
    XIIMLIn the North Wharf of the MoonflowNo
    XIIISMInside the house in GuadosalamNo
    XIVHNReceived from Rin inside the Travel Agency in the Thunder Plains.
    *If missed, can be found in Sanubia Desert in a small dead-end area after finding Rikku
    XVUOOn the Lake Road in Macalania WoodsNo
    XVIBPIn front of the Travel Agency at Lake MacalaniaNo
    XVIIXQIn Central Sanubia DesertNo
    XVIIINRIn Central Sanubia DesertNo
    XIXCSInside the Al Bhed HomeYes
    XXDTInside the Living Quarters in the Al Bhed HomeYes
    XXIIUIn the Main Corridor of the Al Bhed HomeYes
    XXIIJVInn the Priests' Passage in Bevelle Temple
    *Can only be obtained right after the wedding scene
    XXIIIFWIn the Central Calm LandsNo
    XXIVQXAt Requiem TempleNo
    XXVOYIn the Cavern of the Stolen FaythNo
    XXVIWZIn the Omega RuinsNo

    As you continue to collect primers, your Al Bhed ranking will rise.

    RankPrimers Collected
    Al Bhed Hujela (Novice)1
    Al Bhed Pakehhan (Beginner)4
    Al Bhed Typpman (Dabbler)7
    Al Bhed Maynhan (Learner)10
    Al Bhed Cbaygan (Speaker)13
    Al Bhed Hydeja (Native)16
    Al Bhed Unydun (Orator)19
    Al Bhed Medanyde (Literati)22
    Al Bhed Sycdan (Master)26

    Missable Al Bhed Primers

    Certain Al Bhed Primers appear during a particular part of the game’s story. After progressing past this point, you’ll be unable to return. It’s critical that you snag these four primers while you have the chance.

    Al Bhed Primer XIX can be found on the ground just outside the entrance to the Al Bhed Home in Bikanel. From the door heading to the next screen, head to the left.

    Tidus discovering Al Bhed Primer XIX in the ruins of Home in Final Fantasy X.

    Once inside, head down the stairs. The camera angle will swiftly change. Once it does, go back up the stairs and find the one room you can enter. After being forced into a fight, you’ll find Al Bhed Primer XX on the bed.

    Tidus discovering Al Bhed Primer XX in a private room inside the Al Bhed Home in Final Fantasy X.

    After snagging the previous Primer, continue forward until you reach a three-way split. Head down the right hallway. Al Bhed Primer XXI can be found on the ground at the dead end.

    Tidus finding Al Bhed Primer XXI in the Main Corridor of the Al Bhed Home in Final Fantasy X

    After the wedding scene, Al Bhed Primer XXII can be seen on the pathway toward Bevelle Temple. You’ll have to progress this way in order to continue the story.

    Tidus finding Al Bhed Primer XXII in in Bevelle Temple in Final Fantasy X