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Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker Error Codes, Explained

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The popularity of Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker means there are often many players wanting to play. This can often put a strain on the servers resulting in various errors. Here, are some of the most common error codes, explained.

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    2002 and 3001 Error Codes

    These two errors are the most common and are often the unfortunate result of players using AFK macros. 2002 indicates that there are too many concurrent players trying to log in at the same time. 3001 means there are currently too many concurrent players in the game world. Reconfirming your data center or changing it can help these issues.

    90000, 90001, 90002, 90006, and 90007 Error Codes

    These errors mean the client (i.e. your computer) has been disconnected from the server. The last number indicates the reason for the disconnection.

    • 90000 – This is a disconnection as a result of a server-side error.
    • 90001 – This indicates the point of the disconnection is unknown.
    • 90002 – This means the disconnection was a result of an issue on the client’s side (i.e. a problem with your computer’s connection with the internet.)
    • 90006 – This is a disconnection as a result of having an unstable connection with the server. This could be both a result of issues on the client’s side and/or a result of a large number of players on the server’s side.
    • 90007 – This is a disconnection as a result of a time-sync error between the client and the server. Your computer’s clock can affect this.

    10105 Error Code

    This is an error that occurs on the server’s side that relates to the specific instance you are in.

    4004, 5003, and 5006 Error Codes

    These errors occur when you have timed out from the Log In Management Server after waiting in the Queue to log in for extended periods of time. This is associated with with a high volume of players waiting in the login queue.

    Hopefully, as time goes on, the strain on the servers will be mitigated and some of these errors can be alleviated, allowing for more players to be able to enjoy Endwalker with no hindrances.