Controls for Gang Beasts for all consoles.

Gang Beasts Controls Guide (for Every Console)

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Gang Beasts may be a minimalistic game, but players can benefit from completely mastering its controls. There are combos you’ll realize you can do when you take the time to do this. These will help you win your matches.

Table Of Contents

    PlayStation Controls

    Gang Beasts on PlayStation.

    These are the controls for Gang Beasts on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

    MovementLeft stick
    RunWhile moving towards a certain direction, hold X
    SitWhile standing still, hold X
    Lie DownHold Square
    CrawlHold Circle
    LiftWhen grabbing, press Triangle
    Left PunchL1
    Right PunchR1
    Hold with Left HandHold L1
    Hold with Right HandHold R1
    Change CameraD-Pad

    Xbox Controls

    Xbox controls for Gang Beasts.

    These are the controls for Gang Beasts on Xbox. The same controls will also work if you play on a PC while using an Xbox controller.

    MovementLeft stick
    RunWhile moving towards a certain direction, hold A
    SitWhile standing still, hold A
    Lie DownHold X
    CrawlHold B
    LiftWhen grabbing, press Y
    Left PunchLB
    Right PunchRB
    Hold with Left HandHold LB
    Hold with Right HandHold RB
    Change CameraD-Pad

    PC Controls

    Gang Beasts controls for PC.

    The PC controls for Gang Beasts, if played with a keyboard, can be a bit more extensive as it comes with unique bindings you’re unable to do during single-player and custom games.

    There is one drawback to playing the game using a keyboard and mouse, though. Some combos require three keys to be pressed at once. You’ll unfortunately need a mechanical keyboard if you’re to do this on a PC. Otherwise, the game won’t acknowledge the combo.

    JumpSpace bar
    RunWhile moving towards a certain direction, hold Space bar
    SitWhile standing still, hold Space bar
    Lie DownHold M
    CrawlHold Ctrol
    LiftWhen grabbing, press Shift
    Left Punch, (comma) or left mouse button
    Right Punch. (period) or right mouse buttom
    Hold with Left HandHold , or left mouse button
    Hold with Right HandHold . or right mouse button
    Change CameraArrow Keys

    Unique Key Bindings on PC

    Next Camera AngleRight Arrow Key
    Previous Camera AngleLeft Arrow Key
    Speed Up Game+
    Slow Down Game-
    Normal Game Speed0
    Spawn Push or Pulling Force1 and 2
    Spawn Props3, 4, 5, 6, and 7
    Spawn EnemiesPress Shift or Control and numbers 1 - 8 at the same time
    Toggle Day or NightF1

    Nintendo Switch Controls

    Gang Beasts on Nintendo Switch.

    The Nintendo Switch is the last console to be graced by a Gang Beasts port. Its controls remain similar.

    MovementLeft stick
    RunWhile moving towards a certain direction, hold B
    SitWhile standing still, hold B
    Lie DownHold Y
    CrawlHold A
    LiftWhen grabbing, press X
    Left PunchL
    Right PunchR
    Hold with Left HandHold L
    Hold with Right HandHold R
    Change CameraD-Pad

    How to Do Combos in Gang Beasts

    Once you understand Gang Beasts’ controls, doing combos will now be much simpler. Here’s how to do certain combos, attacks, and actions in the game.

    BackflipJump, then hold Kick
    HandstandHold the Crouch button, then hold Grab with both hands, then hold the Jump button
    Drop SlideWhile running, hold Kick and Crawl
    Body SlamWhen close to a ledge, press the Jump and Crouch buttons at the same time.
    Charged HeadbuttJump, then press the Headbutt button and quickly press it again and hold it
    Grab HeadbuttGrab using both hands, then press Headbutt.
    Flip KickPress Kick, then repeatedly press Jump
    Flying Drop KickHold Jump while moving, then tap the Jump button again, then hold the Kick button
    Slide KickWhile running, hold the Kick button
    Drop KickJump, the hold the Kick button
    Super Drop KickWhile running, jump, then hold the Kick button, then press the Headbutt button
    Super PunchPress the Headbutt button, then quickly follow it up with a Punch.
    ThrowGrab an enemy using both hands, then press the Lift button. Walk towards the direction where you want to throw the enemy, then release the Grab
    ClimbJump, then hold Grab using both hands

    When you master these combos, you can get even more creative with them. You can string combos together, do attacks while moving around or spinning, and more.