Jin arriving at Iki Island in Ghost of Tsushima.

Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut: How to Unlock Iki Island

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Key Takeaway

Iki Island is automatically unlocked when you purchase the Director’s Cut of Ghost of Tsushima. It can be accessed after you reach the game’s second act.

Iki Island is the first and only expansion for Ghost of Tsushima. Aside from giving players new stories to experience and places to discover, this expansion also provides a higher challenge than the rest of the game offers.

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    Everything You Need to Know About the Iki Island Expansion

    Character exploring Iki Island on horseback in Ghost of Tsushima.

    The Iki Island expansion is exclusive to Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut. As long as you’ve purchased the Director’s Cut version of the game, you’ll get the chance to access this expansion.

    The Iki Island automatically unlocks when you reach the game’s Act II. For this to happen, you’ll first need to rescue Lord Shimura from Castle Kaneda. You’ll then have access to the Toyotama Region, where you can find the Tales of Iki quest.

    As soon as you reach Act II, browse through your Journal Tab and you’ll find the Tales of Iki section.

    When to Start the Iki Island Expansion

    The quest that starts Iki Island shown on the map in Ghost of Tsushima.

    While you have the liberty to jump into the Iki Island expansion when Act II begins, it’s recommended you don’t do this yet.

    Iki Island is by far the most dangerous area in the entire game. It’s home to aggressive and powerful Mongols. There’s also a new enemy type called Shamans that makes enemies around them even more bloodthirsty than they already are.

    Once you arrive at Iki Island, you won’t be able to leave until you complete the expansion’s main tale progression. That said, before starting the expansion, be sure your Jin is as strong as he can be.

    Better yet, it’s recommended that you don’t touch the Iki Island expansion until you complete the main game. By this time, there’s a high chance you’ll have fully upgraded your Katana, preferred armor set, and have unlocked most, if not all, techniques and combat arts.