Kratos petting Speki and Svanna.

God of War Ragnarök: How to Pet Sveki and Svanna

Who wouldn't want to pet the adorable and loyal wolves that pull your sled without hesitation?

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Key Takeaway

You can pet Speki and Svanna after completing the Animal Instincts favor. You can complete the favor by clearing out all four Raider Outposts in Midgard.

In God of War Ragnarök, there’s an opportunity for you to pet Speki and Svanna. There’s also a trophy tied to this action. However, there’s a favor you’ll need to complete first before you can finally pet the wolves.

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    The Animal Instincts Favor

    The Animal Instincts favor will automatically begin when you clear out one Raider Outpost in Midgard. There are a total of four of them all around the realm, each named somewhat differently. It won’t matter which one you clear first, but clearing all four will ultimately complete the favor.

    Upon starting the favor, you’ll learn that these raiders are known as Kol Raiders, or raiders that feed on wolves. They’re also the same group that held Speki and Svanna when they were pups until Kratos and Atreus rescued them. This is why the wolves whine whenever you’re near their camps.

    With that information, head out to the Lake of Nine and begin wiping out these outposts.

    Raider Fort

    The location of the Raider Fort.

    The Raider Fort is located southwest of the Lake of Nine Mystic Gateway. It’s atop an ascended frozen platform.

    Raider Keep

    The location of the Raider Keep shown on the map.

    The Raider Keep is located south of Tyr’s Temple. Its entrance is located on a higher ledge. You can grapple to it with the Blades of Chaos upon approaching.

    Raider Hideout

    The location of the Raider Hideout.

    You’ll find the entrance to the Raider Hideout to the left on the path that leads to the King’s Grave.

    Raider Stronghold

    The location of the Raider Stronghold.

    This raider outpost is located under Tyr’s Temple. You’ll find its entrance at the base of the temple’s eastern section.

    Oluf Nautson

    After clearing the last raider camp, whichever one, Oluf Nautson will appear as a miniboss at the end. Oluf Nautson is the chieftain of the Raiders. This enemy is a brute variation of the raiders. Although he has more health and deals more damage, this is an enemy type you’ve faced before as a regular enemy.

    Pet Speki and Svanna

    Once you’ve finally cleared out all four raider camps and defeated their chieftain, go up to the sled and a short touching scene will play out between Kratos and Speki and Svanna. After this, you’ll receive the Besties trophy.