A chunk containing Crystalline Shards in God of War Ragnarok.

God of War Ragnarök: What to Do With Crystalline Shards

The Crystalline Shards scatterd in The Crater are more useful than you think.

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Key Takeaway

You can take toss the Crystalline Shards to the wishing well in The Crater in exchange for items and resources.

You’ll come across a ton of Crystalline Shards as you explore The Crater region in God of War Ragnarök, but it isn’t explained what you can do with these. Take these lucky charms to the wishing well for a surprise.

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    Where to Find the Wishing Well

    You’ll find the wishing well in The Crater region. Before you can access the wishing well, you’ll need to complete the Return of the River favor, which will trigger when you approach the dam in The Jungle. Completing this favor will bring back the water to The Crater region, allowing you to traverse the region by boat.

    Once that’s done, head to The Jungle Mystic Gateway, head east and swing over to the area across. If you haven’t defeated the ogres in the area to the right yet, you’ll need to deal with them first so they stop throwing boulders at you. You can get to them by docking on the northern side of the island they’re on.

    If the ogres have been dealt with, there’s a chain in the previous area you swing to that can be pulled. This opens the door next to it. Do so and enter the door. Navigate through this tunnel and you’ll arrive at the wishing well.

    The wishing well from God of War Ragnarok.

    What to Do With the Crystalline Shards

    Approach the wishing well and destroy the golden chunk next to it. This will allow you to interact with the wishing well where you’ll be able to throw Crystalline Shards at it in exchange for items and resources such as the Fallen Stars armor set, Hacksilver, Gleaming Crystals, Asgardian Ingot, and more.

    Picking up the Plackart of Fallen Stars from the wishing well.