Two of the Draupnir Spear Runic Attacks in God of War Ragnarok.

God of War Ragnarök: Where to Find All Draupnir Spear Runic Attacks

Find all eight Runic Attacks for the Draupnir Spear to make Kratos' new weapon more effective.

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The Draupnir Spear in God of War Ragnarök is new and strong, and it has a wide range of powerful Runic Attacks. The Draupnir Spear only has eight of them, but each of them brings something useful when fighting enemies.

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    Draupnir Spear Light Runic Attacks

    Here’s where you can find the Light Runic Attacks for the Draupnir Spear.

    Huldra Charge

    Kratos showing the Draupnir Spear to the Huldra Brothers.

    You’ll receive the Huldra Charge Runic Attack after completing the Forging Destiny main quest.

    Thrust of a Thousand Soldiers

    The chest that contains the Thrust of a Thousand Soldiers Runic Attack.

    The Thrust of a Thousand Soldiers Runic Attack is in Helheim. You’ll find the Legendary Chest that holds this Runic Attack on the path that leads to the first fight with Garm during the Reunion main quest.

    Mountain Splitter

    Obtaining the Mountain Splitter Runic Attack.

    You’ll receive the Mountain Splitter Runic Attack after you complete the Spirit of Rebellion favor in Vanaheim. This favor is given to you by Durlin at the end of the Forging Destiny main quest,

    Whisper of the World

    The location of the Whisper of the World Runic Attack.

    This Runic Attack is in The Jungle region in The Crater in Vanaheim. First off, fast travel to The Jungle Mystic Gateway. Proceed to the Celestial Altar ahead, then head to the path to its right. Zip over to the ledge above, make a right, and follow this path forward.

    At the end of this path, zip over the stone wall ahead. From here, continue forward by zipping three more times until you’re standing on top of this ledge. Turn around and look up to see brambles on the ceiling.

    Burn these by placing Runic Arrows next to them. Line three of them and have the right-most hex close enough to you so that you can embed your Blades of Chaos on it. You’ll have to expand the hexes so that they’re big enough to reach the bramble and close enough for you to reach them.

    This will cause the hexes to explode and the bramble to burn. You’ll now be able to zip over to the platform to the north, where you’ll find a Legendary Chest. Open it to obtain this Runic Attack.

    Draupnir Spear Heavy Runic Attacks

    The Draupnir Spear isn’t complete without Heavy Runic Attacks. Here’s where to find all four of them.

    Artillery of the Ancients

    The Dreki Duo boss fight during the Creatures of Prophecy quest.

    The Artillery of the Ancients Heavy Runic Attack is dropped by the Dreki duo boss fight during the Creatures of Prophecy main quest in Vanaheim.

    Honor the Fallen

    The location of the Honor the Fallen Runic Attack.

    You’ll find the Honour the Fallen Runic Attack in The Plains in Vanaheim. It’s in the garden that has trees with red leaves. You’ll need to destroy the pile of rocks that are blocking the path to this garden.

    From the Western Plains Mystic Gateway, look over to the garden, then to the right to see the obstacle. You’ll see one gold crack on its surface. Throw one spear at it and leave it there for now. Head to the right and jump down to the grounds of The Plains. Head left and go to the pile of rocks that’s blocking the path to the garden.

    You’ll see two gold cracks on the rocks this time. Throw a spear at each of them. Then, detonate all three spears at once and the obstacle will be destroyed. Head inside to find and loot the chest to obtain the Runic Attack.

    Vindsvalr’s Windstorm

    Fighting the Flame Phantom in Muspelheim.

    This Heavy Runic Attack is dropped by the Flame Phantom boss during The Summoning main quest in Muspelheim.

    The Finger of Ruin

    Kratos facing the Raven Tree in Niflheim.

    This Runic Attack is in one of the chests near the Raven Tree in Niflheim. To open this chest, you’ll need to destroy all 48 of Odin’s Ravens that are flying around the nine realms.