Character about to break a large rock in Harvestella.

Harvestella: How to Break Large Rocks

Take advantage of Faerie Requests to unlock important abilities.

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Key Takeaway

You can break large rocks by unlocking the Hammer upgrade in Harvestella. To unlock this, complete six Great Earth Faerie Requests.

Right at the start of Harvestella, you will see rocks scattered across your farm. These rocks prevent you from maximizing your farming space, so you’ll want to get rid of them as soon as possible.

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    How to Craft a Hammer

    Screen after you craft a Hammer in Harvestella.

    The first step towards being able to break those annoying large rocks on your farm is to craft a Hammer. This is something you must do towards the beginning of the game. Cres will mention this to you, but it’s not terribly obvious at first how to craft it.

    To craft a Hammer, you’ll need to collect 10 Hard Stones. These can be collected from mining locations in the Njord Steppe towards the beginning of the game. Once you have 10 Hard Stones, return to the Crafting Table in your house, interact with it, and choose to craft the Hammer.

    How to Upgrade Your Hammer

    Unfortunately, the Hammer that you make at first will only have the ability to break the small rocks on your farm. To break the larger rocks, you will need to upgrade your hammer, and this will take more time. To get this upgrade, you must complete certain Great Faerie Orders.

    The Great Faerie Orders

    Examples of Faerie Requests in Harvestella.

    Faeries will appear on your farm as you progress through chapter three. Once you get the first Faerie, a book will appear in your house that will be full of Requests that the Faeries want you to complete. As you complete their Requests, you will gain rewards, such as unlocking more efficient ways to farm, new Biomes, and new machines.

    To get the Hammer upgrade, you will need to first get Shirii, the Great Earth Faerie. You can acquire Shirii by completing chapter 3C, which is connected to the town of Argene. Once chapter 3C is complete, Shirii will join your farm, and you’ll have access to Shirii’s Requests.

    You will need to complete six of Shirii’s Requests to get the Hammer upgrade. There aren’t specific Requests you need to complete, just any six off the list. When this is done and you’ve unlocked the upgrade, simply go up to any large rock, equip your Hammer, and hold down the “Y” button to charge it up (or the corresponding button on PC). When you release the button, the large rock will break.