Character on a broom in the air, looking at Hogwarts.

Hogwarts Legacy: How to Get a Broom and Unlock Flying

Get a Broom so you can see the full beauty of Hogwarts.

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Key Takeaway

You can get a Broom and unlock flying by progressing the main story through the end of “Jackdaw’s Rest” questline.

When starting Hogwarts Legacy, there’s a good chance that flying around all of Hogwarts on a Broom is towards the top of your to-do list. Though you can’t fly at the beginning of the game, it won’t be long until you can get your first Broom.

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    Progressing the Main Story

    When you start as a transfer student at Hogwarts, you have the freedom to explore the castle, but many things will be locked until you progress the game further—from spells to certain locations to flying on a Broomstick.

    To unlock flying specifically, you will need to progress the main quest until you’ve completed the “Jackdaw’s Rest” questline. Prior to this quest, you will need to attend a handful of classes, participate in duels, learn some new spells, and more, so you’ll have to be patient. That said, “Jackdaw’s Rest” is still towards the beginning of the game, so it won’t take too many hours to get to this point if you’re focusing on the main story.

    Once “Jackdaw’s Rest” is completed, you’ll have the option to attend flying class as part of your main quest. Once you’ve completed your first flying class, you’re just about ready to starting flying around Hogwarts.

    Where to get a Broom

    Shopkeeper who sells Brooms in Hogsmeade.

    Unfortunately, the school Broom you used in your flying lesson isn’t one you can pull out and use whenever you please. You’ll need to go purchase your own Broom, which will cost 600 Galleons towards the beginning of the game.

    Upon completing your first flying lesson, Spintwitches Sporting Needs in Hogsmeade will unlock. You’ll want to travel here to purchase your Broom.

    How to Use a Broom

    Once you have your Broom, you’ll need to head to an area that permits flying. If you see a symbol like the one marked on the image below, you aren’t able to fly in that area.

    Character standing in a no-fly zone with the no-fly symbol marked.

    Once you’re in a fly zone, follow these instructions to pull out your Broom and begin flying:

    • PS5: Hold down L1 and press the circle button
    • Xbox Series: Hold down LB and press B
    • PC: Hold the tab button and press 3

    Your character will then hop onto their Broom, and you’ll be ready to explore the skies.