Icon showing the completion of "Like Moths to a Frame" quest.

Hogwarts Legacy: How to Solve the Moth Mirror Puzzles

Rake in easy EXP by solving the Moth Mirror puzzles.

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Key Takeaway

When you encounter a Moth Mirror, stand in front of it and cast Lumos. This will show you the location of the moth. Cast Lumos again once you’ve found the moth, and walk it back to the location of the mirror.

There are numerous side quests and tasks you will encounter while exploring in Hogwarts Legacy. Among these is the “Like a Moth to a Frame” quest, which you will likely encounter early on. There will be more Moth Mirror puzzles that you’ll encounter throughout Hogwarts.

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    Where to Find the First Moth Mirror

    If you haven’t already located a mirror with moths decorating its border, you can find one on a wall that’s slightly north of the bottom of the stairs in the Central Hall. In other words, if you’re coming down the stairs from the Central Hall Floo Flame, the mirror will be at the bottom of the stairs on your right.

    How to Complete the Moth Mirror Quests

    Character casting Lumos in front of the Moth Mirror.

    The early Moth Mirror puzzle you encounter, as specified above, will start a quest titled “Like a Moth to a Frame.” However, the way that you complete this quest will be the same way that you can complete all Moth Mirror puzzles throughout the castle. For this quest, simply follow these instructions in order:

    1. Speak with Lenora, who is standing in front of the mirror. She will tell you that she suspects there is something mysterious about the mirror.
    2. Cast your Lumos spell, and the mirror will show you another location.
    3. Go to the location shown in the mirror. This is still in the Central Hall. You’ll want to head South from the mirror and down a small set of stairs.
    4. There will be a moth on the wall here. Get close to it and cast your Lumos spell once again. The moth will then fly circles around you and follow you.
    5. Lead the moth back to the mirror and end your Lumos spell (you can press your basic spell button to do this).
    6. Speak with Lenora, who is hanging out on the balcony above to complete the quest.

    Note that in future Moth Mirror Puzzles, you will not need to speak with Lenora each time. You just need to cast Lumos into the mirror, find the moth, and lead it back to the mirror. The moth will usually be in a location nearby.