Character talking to herself after completing Arthur's treasure map quest.

Hogwarts Legacy: How to Solve Arthur’s Treasure Map

Get some new gear by successfully following Arthur's treasure map.

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Key Takeaway

The rhinoceros skeleton on Arthur’s treasure map can be found near the Defense Against the Dark Arts Tower. The dragon fountain is out in a courtyard near the tower, and the portrait is up several staircases out the back of the courtyard. Use the Accio spell to pull the lever down from the top of the portrait.

If you’re doing much exploring in Hogwarts Legacy, there’s a good chance you’ve already run into Arthur and picked up his treasure map. This map will lead you to some cool gear, and you will receive EXP for completing the quest.

Table Of Contents

    Where to Find Arthur

    If you haven’t found Arthur yet, you should be able to find him lingering outside of Professor Fig’s classroom. Go up and speak to him, and this will kickstart the quest to find treasure, otherwise as known as the “Cache in the Castle” quest.

    How to Follow Arthur’s Treasure Map

    The images on Arthur's treasure map.

    If you go to your inventory and look at the map, you will see three main locations depicted: A rhinoceros skeleton, a dragon fountain, and a portait.

    The first place you’ll want to hit is the rhinoceros skeleton. This can be found in the Astronomy Wing, near the Defense Against the Dark Arts Tower. Fast travel to the Defense Against the Dark Arts Tower Floo Flame first. Once here, head directly down the stairs in front of you, and continue down to ground level. You will then see the rhinoceros skeleton. Simply walk near it, and your character will say something to indicate that you’re getting closer to the treasure.

    Next, you’ll want to head to the dragon fountain. You can get to this from the rhinoceros skeleton by heading down the nearby staircase. Continue down the staircases until you get to a door, and this will open to the courtyard. Here, you will find the dragon fountain.

    Lastly, you must get to the portrait. To find this, exit the courtyard through the large wooden doors behind the giant tree. Head up the staircases instead of turning into the History of Magic classroom, and you’ll find the portrait on the wall.

    When you find this portrait, use your Accio spell aimed at the handle at the top of the portrait. This will then reveal a hidden room with a chest inside.

    Make one last visit to Arthur to complete the quest.

    Reward for Following Arthur’s Treasure Map

    Character opening the hidden chest from Arthur's treasure map quest.

    When you open the chest behind the portrait, you will immediately get the Authentic Historian’s Uniform. Once you return to and speak with Arthur, whose location will be marked on the map if you’re tracking this quest, you will also gain 180 EXP.