Character standing near a puzzle door.

Hogwarts Legacy: How to Solve Puzzle Doors

Explore new places and discover new items by solving Hogwarts' puzzle doors.

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Key Takeaway

To solve puzzle doors, you’ll need to know the values of the creature symbols. To learn this, you can pick up the cipher in a small blue box near the Divination classroom.

While exploring the castle in Hogwarts Legacy, you’re likely to come across large wooden doors that have puzzles on them. To get through, you’ll need to give the right input for both puzzles and then open the door.

Table Of Contents

    What Are Puzzle Doors

    Puzzle doors (featured above) are officially known as Arithmancy Doors. These will be scattered all over Hogwarts. You will find all sorts of different stuff behind them, from chests and new areas to new objects you can interact with.

    Where to Find Cipher for Puzzle Doors

    Image highlighting the location of the cipher in a small blue box.

    The first thing you’ll want to do before tackling any Arithmancy Doors is pick up the cipher that explains the symbols. To get the cipher, simply follow these steps:

    • Travel to the Divination Classroom Floo Flame in the Library Annex of Hogwarts
    • Once there, head through the doorway right next to you
    • Continue onwards until you reach an intersection, then turn right
    • Search the small blue box next to the black board, and you’ll find the cipher

    How to Unlock Puzzle Doors

    Example of a finished puzzle door.

    If you’re looking to rely on a guide rather than have to look at the cipher every time you encounter a puzzle door, the code is as follows:

    • Old creature with noticable eyebrows and mustache: 0
    • Unicorn: 1
    • Graphorn: 2
    • Three-headed Serpent: 3
    • Bird creature on perch: 4
    • Crab creature: 5
    • Salamander: 6
    • Tentacle creature: 7
    • Spider: 8
    • Hydra: 9

    You can also opt to screenshot the image of the cypher below.

    Image of the cipher you can find in the small blue box.

    To actually solve the puzzles, you simply have to make the numbers and symbols on the outside add up to the same value as the number on the inside.

    So, for example, the Arithmancy Door that’s right next to where you picked up the cipher gives two equations:

    • 2 + Three-headed Serpent + ? = 9
    • 0 + 1 + ?? = 4

    For the top equation, we know from the cipher that the Three-headed Serpent has a value of 3. Add that to the 2 it already gives you, and you’ve got 5. This means you’re left with:

    • 5 + ? = 9

    Thus, you know that you need to input a symbol with the value of 4. Based on the cipher, we can see that the Bird on the perch is equal to 4, so you will walk up to the input device with one question mark and hit “Roll” until you get the Bird on the perch.

    Follow this same process for the double-question mark equation, and then open the door and make your way through. This process can be used for all Arithmancy Doors in the castle.