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Hogwarts Legacy: How to Unlock Doors and Chests

Get even better gear or discover more rooms by unlocking doors and chests throughout Hogwarts.

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Key Takeaway

You can unlock doors and chests once you’ve progressed the main questline far enough to unlock the Alohomora spell.

There are numerous doors and chests that are locked across Hogwarts and the land surrounding the school. To get the gear and items hidden in these places, you need to know how to get Alohomora, the unlocking spell.

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    When Can You Unlock Doors and Chests?

    If you’ve been playing Hogwarts Legacy for longer than a half hour, you’ve probably noticed that there are locked doors and chests scattered all across Hogwarts. At the start of the game, you will not be able to unlock any of these. This can be frustrating because you will encounter these locked doors and chests constantly. Luckily, the spell you’ll need to start unlocking these—Alohomora—is obtainable after a few hours of gameplay.

    How to Get Alohomora Spell

    Sequence for learning the Alohomora spell.

    To actually unlock Alohomora, you’ll need to progress through the main quest until you get to a quest called “The Caretaker’s Lunar Lament.” To do this quest, Gladwin Moon will need to teach you Alohomora, so you can break into the faculty tower and retrieve the Demiguise Moons that he’s after. If you’re focused on progressing through the main story, it should only take you a few hours of gameplay to reach this quest.

    How to Pick Locks

    Example of a lock mechanic after you cast Alohomora.

    Once you’ve learned and cast the Alohomora spell on a lock, you’ll still need to go through the process of picking the lock. A screen will pop up that shows the mechanics of the lock (pictured above). To successfully unlock the door or chest, you’ll need to rotate each light (green and red) until their respective gear start to spin. To do this, focus on one light at a time and rotate it slowly. It will be obvious when the gear starts to rotate in turn. When you find the right spot, hold it in place while you focus on the second gear. When both are spinning simultaneously, the lock will open.

    How to Unlock Higher Level Locks

    You’ve probably already noticed that there are different leveled locks around Hogwarts. If you haven’t encountered these yet, some locks will be labeled “Level I,” some “Level II,” and others “Level III.” When you first get the Alohomora spell, you will only be able to unlock Level I locks.

    To unlock the higher level locks, you’ll need to continue finding more Demiguise moons to bring to Gladwin. You must bring him nine Demiguise moons to unlock Level II locks and thirteen Demiguise moons to start unlocking Level III locks.