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Hogwarts Legacy: How to Increase Gear Storage Space

Merlin was a legendary wizard...who knew the importance of carrying capacity!

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Key Takeaway

You need to complete Merlin Trials to fulfill the milestone goals of its Exploration Challenge. As you do, you’ll be able to claim the rewards for it: increased storage for gear.

It’s common in many RPGs to have inventory management as a mechanic. This is true in Hogwarts Legacy as well! However, the way to increase gear storage in this game is not very intuitive. You need to explore and complete some optional objectives before you can carry around more loot.

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    How Unlocking Gear Storage Works

    Exploration menu challenges.

    You must complete Merlin Trials to increase gear storage in your inventory. However, this inventory expansion is not applied automatically as you complete Merlin Trials. After you reach the various milestone goals of the “Complete Merlin Trials” challenge, you need to collect the rewards from this menu.

    Player collecting the reward from the first milestone of the Complete Merlin Trials challenge.

    To find it, you need to open the main menu and go to the Challenges tab. Then, you need to go into the Exploration section. With that said, the Complete Merlin Trials challenge will be locked until you complete the first Merlin Trial via a quest.

    How to Find Merlin Trials

    Location of the first Merlin Trial on the Hogwarts Legacy world map.

    Before you can fly around and complete Merlin Trials at your leisure, you must do the first one—which is tied to a short quest. Soon after you complete the main quest that gets you the Disillusionment Charm (called “Secrets of the Restricted Section”), you will be given a couple of new ones. One of these new main quests is to meet with Natsai Onai south of Hogwarts.

    When you meet up with the Gryffindor student near the lake, the two of you have a chat about some suspicious activities. However, the quest you want for the Merlin Trials does not relate to Natsai—it’s nearby. After speaking with Natsai, you hear someone screaming by the lake’s shore.

    Follow the screams and new quest marker to find Nora Treadwell. She is in the process of being attacked by some thugs. Once you defeat the two attackers, Nora tells you about the Merlin Trials and teaches you all about them. Also, the very first of the Merlin Trials is in the exact spot where you meet Nora Treadwell.

    Afterward, Merlin Trials appear on your map in all the places you’ve explored. The symbol for the trials is a leaf-like image. As you explore and dissipate more and more of the world map’s fog of war, Merlin Trials will automatically be marked when you get close to them. Seek them out for more inventory space!