Hogwarts Legacy: Where to Sell Unwanted Gear

Sell your extra Gear to make space for the better stuff.
One of the vendors in Hogsmeade that you can sell your Gear to.

Key Takeaway

You can sell unwanted Gear to any vendor in the game, regardless of the vendor’s specialty. The vendors in Hogsmeade are easy to access early on.

Shortly into Hogwarts Legacy, you’re likely to run into the problem of being unable to open more chests and pick up Gear, because you’re at max carrying capacity. The best way to clear up space is to sell your unwanted Gear.

Table Of Contents

    How to Get Rid of Unwanted Gear

    Unfortunately, there is no way to store extra Gear in Hogwarts Legacy. So, as you’re exploring the castle, you will quickly find that you can’t pick up any more items. Since you can’t level up Gear, your best bet is to sell all the Gear that you aren’t using or won’t use in the future.

    Character's inventory of Gear equipped.

    Luckily, selling Gear is simple. Once you’ve progressed the main quest far enough to go to Hogsmeade for the first time, you can fast travel there by Floo Flame at any point. Hogsmeade is the easiest area to buy and sell Gear from, though you can do so with any vendor in the game.

    It does not matter which vendor you visit—you can sell Gear to any vendor, regardless of their specialty.

    Where to Find New Gear

    If you’re looking to get new and improved Gear, there are some vendors in the game that will sell it. However, the best Gear is most often found through completing quests and exploring. There are chests littered throughout the castle and most dungeons that contain quality Gear.