Aloy overriding a Cauldron in Horizon Forbidden West.

Horizon Forbidden West: Every Cauldron Location

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In the world of Horizon Forbidden Westa Cauldron is responsible for creating the machines you find. You can enter these Cauldrons to learn how to override machines to either mount them or have them fight alongside you.

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    What You Need to Know About Cauldrons

    The Cauldrons themselves function like a platforming level. You’ll need to solve puzzles, fight various machines, and platform from one place to another to eventually get to the end. At the end of each Cauldron is one final powerful machine you’ll need to defeat. Once dealt with, you can finally obtain its override codes.

    In this game, you won’t immediately gain the ability to override certain machines. This is true for some of the most powerful machines in the game. You’ll still need to get certain machine parts to fabricate the complete override codes for a handful of machines. Only then will you be able to finally override said machines.

    There are six Cauldrons in Horizon Forbidden West. Two of them can only be accessed through the main quest, while the rest can be accessed at any given time, as long as you have the right skills and equipment for them.

    That said, here are the locations of all six Cauldrons in Horizon Forbidden West and the machine overrides you can find within them.

    Repair-Bay TAU

    Zo and Varl facing Fa in Horizon Forbidden West.

    Repair-Bay TAU is a Cauldron you can only access during “The Dying Lands” main quest. You’ll access this quest after arriving at Plainsong and meeting Zo. You’ll need to fight Fa, a Grimhorn, at the end of the Cauldron. It will also be accompanied by Longlegs and Scrappers.

    It’s recommended that you at least be at level 15 before you access this main quest.

    Complete Overrides:

    • Bristleback

    Incomplete Overrides:

    • Grimhorn
    • Plowhorn

    Cauldron Gemini

    Beta holding the override code for the Sunwing.

    Cauldron Gemini can only be accessed during the “Gemini” main quest. This quest happens as you’re about to reach the final act of the game. You’ll also need to fight a Slaughterspine to complete the quest and to collect the Cauldron’s overrides.

    It’s recommended that you at least be at level 30 before you access this main quest.

    Complete Overrides:

    • Sunwing

    Cauldron MU

    Cauldron MU shown on the map.

    Cauldron MU is located west of Stone Echo. The recommended level for this Cauldron is level 18. Expect to fight a Widemaw at the end of the level.

    Complete Overrides:

    • Burrower
    • Grazer
    • Scrounger

    Incomplete Overrides:

    • Fanghorn
    • Scrapper
    • Widemaw

    Cauldron IOTA

    Cauldron IOTA shown on the map.

    Cauldron IOTA is located northeast of Salt Bite. Make sure you’re at least at level 22 before entering this Cauldron. A Rollerback awaits you at the end of the level.

    Complete Overrides:

    • Clawstrider
    • Glinthawk
    • Lancehorn
    • Leaplasher
    • Longleg
    • Skydrifter

    Incomplete Overrides:

    • Bellowback
    • Raveger
    • Rollerback
    • Snapmaw

    Cauldron CHI

    Cauldron CHI shown on the map.

    You can find Cauldron CHI south of Thornmarsh. It’s recommended that you only enter this area after reaching level 30. You’ll need to defeat a Slitherfang at the end of the Cauldron before you can access the override codes.

    Complete Overrides:

    • Redeye-Watcher
    • Shell-Walker
    • Clamberjaw
    • Behemoth

    Incomplete Overrides:

    • Stalker
    • Shellsnapper
    • Spikesnout
    • Scorcher
    • Fireclaw

    Cauldron KAPPA

    Cauldron KAPPA shown on the map.

    Cauldron KAPPA is located north of Tide’s Reach. It is the toughest Cauldron in the game. Not only are its puzzles somewhat complicated, but the enemies inside and around the Cauldron are also very tough.

    It is recommended that you only enter this Cauldron once you reach level 40.

    At the end of this Cauldron is a Tideripper. Defeat this monstrous machine and you’ll have access to the Cauldron’s override codes.

    Complete Overrides

    • Rockbreaker
    • Tideripper
    • Tremortusk
    • Stormbird

    Incomplete Overrides

    • Slitherfang
    • Dreadwing
    • Slaughterspine
    • Thunderjaw