Aloy wielding legendary weapons in Horizon Forbidden West.

Horizon Forbidden West: Where to Find Every Legendary Weapon

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If you want Aloy to be powerful in Horizon Forbidden Westgive her a Legendary Weapon to wield. These are some of the best and most powerful in the game, and this guide illustrates where you can find them.

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    Ancestor’s Return

    The Ancestor's Return from Horizon Forbidden West.

    The Ancestor’s Return is a legendary Shredder Gauntlet that can fire Acid, Shock, and Tear shredders.

    It provides +10% Agility Damage and a +25% increase in Draw Speed at level one. Once the shredder is fully upgraded, you’ll receive a +10% Concentration Damage, +10% Component Tear, and a +5% Critical Hit Chance.

    To get this powerful Shredder Gauntlet, you’ll need to retrieve all nine Ornaments and give them to Stemmur. Aside from the Gizmo ornament which you retrieve via an errand given by Stemmur, you can collect these items by exploring Relic Ruins.

    Carja’s Bane

    Carja's Bane from Horizon Forbidden West.

    The Carja’s Bane is a legendary Warrior Bow. This powerful weapon can shoot Light and Fire arrows.

    At level one, it provides +10% Agility Damage and +10% Corroding Enemy Damage. It also comes with a +10% Knockdown Power and a +15% Melee Follow Up at max level.

    You can obtain this weapon by winning all four Gauntlet Runs located in Dry Yearn, The Stillsands, Bonewhite Tear, and Cliffs of the Cry.

    Death-Seeker’s Shadow

    Death-Seeker's Shadow from Horizon Forbidden West.

    The Death-Seeker’s Shadow is a legendary and the most powerful Hunter Bow in the game in terms of base hunter arrow damage. It can shoot Hunter Arrows, Shock Hunter Arrows, and Targeting Hunter Arrows.

    At level one, it has a +5% Critical Hit Chance and +10% Shocked Enemy Damage. Once fully upgraded, it also increases your Knockdown Damage by 15% and Critical Hit Damage by 15%.

    You can get the Death-Seeker’s Shadow from Dukkah at the Maw of the Arena for 80 Arena Medals.


    Forgefall from Horizon Forbidden West.

    The Forgefall is a legendary weapon under the Sharpshot Bow weapon category. It can fire Advanced Precision Arrows, Plasma Precision Arrows, and Advanced Plasma Precision Arrows.

    At base level, it provides +25% Draw Speed and +10% Concentration Damage. At max level, it provides +25% Overdraw Damage, +15% Aerial Enemy Damage, and +10% Shocked Enemy Damage.

    To get this weapon, head to Dukkah at the Maw of the Arena. You can purchase this from her for 80 Arena Medals.

    The Blast Forge

    The Blast Forge from Horizon Forbidden West.

    The Blast Forge is a legendary Boltblaster. The weapon’s ammunitions are Advanced Bolt, Explosive Bolt, and Piercing Bolt.

    This powerful Boltblaster comes with a +25% Draw Speed and +5% Critical Hit Chance. Once fully upgraded, you’ll receive a +15% Overdraw Damage, +10% Reload Speed, and a +2% Instant Shocked Chance.

    You also get this weapon from Dukkah at the Maw of the Arena, in exchange for 80 Arena Medals.

    The Skykiller

    The Skykiller from Horizon Forbidden West.

    The Skykiller is a legendary Spike Thrower. With this, you can throw Advanced Explosive Spikes, Explosive Spikes, and Fire Spikes.

    At level one, the Skykiller has a +10% Reload Speed and +15% Aerial Enemy Damage. At max level, it adds a +15% Overdraw Damage, +25% Draw Speed, and a +10% Burning Enemy Damage.

    You receive this weapon as a reward for completing “The Way Home” side quest. You can start this quest by speaking with Harriem and Kristia on the ship at Legacy’s Landfall.

    The Sun Scourge

    The Sun Scourge from Horizon Forbidden West.

    The Sun Scourge is the second legendary Hunter Bow in the game. Whereas the Death-Seeker’s Shadow fires standard, yet powerful arrows, The Sun Scourge deals elemental damage and fires Advanced Acid Arrows, Advanced Fire Hunter Arrows, and Advanced Frost Hunter Arrows.

    Its default perks grant you a +2% Instant Brittle Chance and +10% Agility Damage. Once fully upgraded, you also receive a +15% Overdraw Damage, +10% Reload Speed, and a +15% Aerial Enemy Damage.

    To receive this weapon, you’ll need to clear out all the Rebel Camps in the game. Once you’ve cleared out the first five Rebel Camps, you’ll get a sidequest that will have you clear the last one.

    During this sidequest, you’ll fight alongside Erend against a character named Asera. Defeat her and loot her body to receive this weapon.

    Tinker’s Pride

    Tinker's Pride from Horizon Forbidden West.

    The Tinker’s Pride is a legendary Tripcaster. With it, you’ll be able to set up Advanced Explosive Tripwires, Shieldwires, and Staggerbeams.

    At base level, this weapon’s perks give you a +15% Damage Over Time and a +10% Knockdown Power. At max level, it also adds a +2% Instant Brittle Chance and a +15% Knockdown Damage.

    You can receive this weapon once you’ve completed the trials with Full Stripes at all four Hunting Grounds.

    Wings of the Ten

    The Wings of the Ten from Horizon Forbidden West.

    The Wings of the Ten is a legendary Blastling that can fire Adhesive Bombs, Advanced Explosive Bombs, and Explosive Bombs.

    Once you receive this weapon, you’ll get a +5% Critical Hit Chance and a +15% Critical Hit Damage. Once you’ve fully upgraded the weapon, you’ll receive a +15% Overdraw Damage, +15% Close Range Damage, and a +2% Instant Plasma Blast Chance.

    You receive this weapon after you acquire all 12 Black Boxes in Horizon Forbidden West and give them to Untalla in Memorial Grove.