A Tallneck from Horizon Forbidden West.

Horizon Forbidden West: Where to Find Every Tallneck

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Key Takeaway

There are six Tallnecks in Horizon Forbidden West. You can find them at Cinnabar Sands, Landfall, Salt Bite, Shining Wastes, the Stand of the Sentinels, and one more in the Stillsands.

Climbing and overriding a Tallneck in Horizon Forbidden West will reveal a portion of the map where the Tallneck is located. Override every Tallneck in the game and you’ll get a clear view of the game’s world in its entirety.

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    What You Need to Know About Tallnecks in Horizon Forbidden West

    These Tallnecks are humongous machines, perhaps the tallest ones in the game. Don’t let their stature scare you off, though, since these machines are not hostile. However, there are usually other machines lurking around a Tallneck site, which means you still won’t be free of combat when approaching one.

    In Horizon Forbidden West, climbing a Tallneck has a puzzle-like approach to it. You can’t simply go up to a Tallneck’s leg and start climbing to make your way to its head. The approach varies from one Tallneck to another, but one fact remains: you must scan your environment and look for creative and entertaining ways to get closer to the Tallneck’s head.

    There are six Tallnecks in Horizon Forbidden West. Although these towering creatures can easily be spotted, the world of the game is remarkably big. That said, the images shown below will surely be of great help to you. Refer to them and use them to pin the location on your own map so you can get to them easier.

    Tallneck: Cinnabar Sands

    Tallneck Cinnabar Sands shown on the map.

    The Tallneck in the Cinnabar Sands is located southeast of Plainsong.

    To climb this Tallneck, you’ll need to activate the satellite dish by restoring power to its console and untangling the dish itself. You can then climb the dish and jump onto the Tallneck from there.

    Tallneck: The Stillsands

    Tallneck The Stillsands shown on the map.

    The Tallneck in the Stillsands is located just south of Camp Nowhere.

    Before climbing this Tallneck, you’ll need to use the ballistae surrounding it to weigh it down and have it fixed. Only then will you be able to override it.

    Tallneck: Salt Bite

    Tallneck Salt Bite shown on the map.

    Overriding the Tallneck in Salt Bite is an objective of Cauldron: IOTA. That said, to override this Tallneck, you’ll need to get inside the Cauldron and clear it.

    Tallneck: The Stand of the Sentinels

    Tallneck The Stand of the Sentinels shown on the map.

    The Tallneck in the Stand of the Sentinels is located west of Cliffwatch.

    This Tallneck circles an abandoned settlement that’s built around the trees in the forest. To get to the top of the Tallneck, you’ll need to keep ascending the settlement while dealing with the Stalkers and Clamberjaws.

    Tallneck: Landfall

    Tallneck Landfall shown on the map.

    The location of the Tallneck in Landfall will appear as soon as you arrive in this area. For reference, check out the image of the map below.

    The Tallneck itself is submerged underwater. Scan it to figure out the parts missing from it. Then, explore the sunken structures north of the Tallneck to recover its parts.

    Once the parts are returned, the Tallneck will then resume wandering around. Get to the eastern structure and jump on the Tallneck from there.

    Tallneck: The Shining Wastes

    Tallneck The Shining Wastes shown on the map.

    You don’t have to worry about getting to this Tallneck as it’s a part of “The Wings of the Ten” main quest. You won’t be able to get on top of its head to override it prior to this.