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How to Change Your Name in League of Legends

You no longer have to be stuck with a cringy LoL username from 2009!

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Key Takeaway

Players can change their League of Legends Summoner Name either by spending Blue Essence or RP. While there is a cost involved in most name changes, Riot Games offers a one-time free minor name adjustment through their support website. Remember to choose names wisely, as inappropriate ones will be changed by Riot without a refund.

A Summoner Name in League of Legends is the very essence of a player in game, so it goes without saying that most people will want it to reflect their personality. However, since League has been out since 2009, many players may feel that a username like “XxHelloKittyxX” isn’t an accurate representation of who they are now.

Not to worry! Riot Games have made a couple of easy ways for players to change their Summoner Name at just the click of a button (while maybe dropping a few dollars too).

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    What’s the Difference Between Your Summoner Name and Riot Username?

    Before we dive into how to change your Summoner Name in League of Legends, let’s go over the difference between your Riot Username and your Summoner Name.

    In 2019, Riot Games introduced their global hub for all their games, from Valorant to TFT, and of course, LoL, hence the new login system. Players must sign in with their universal username and password to access all of Riot’s titles.

    Your username is for logging into your Riot account and cannot be changed. Your Summoner Name is specifically for League of Legends and can be different from your Riot username.

    Change Your Summoner Name Using Blue Essence or RP

    Summoner Name Change option in LoL Store

    Changing your name in League of Legends comes at a price, costing either 1,300 RP or 13,900 RP. While Blue Essence is earned through playing the game, RP requires players to open their wallets and pay with real money. The RP required for a name change (1,300) will set players back by around £10.99/$15, so make sure your new Summoner Name is the one you want forever!

    Many veteran League of Legends players should have a huge stack of Blue Essence at their disposal, from tilting at games and grinding through levels. Once you’ve unlocked every champion on the roster, you’ll find that Blue Essence doesn’t have much use. Until now! Players can easily exchange their hoarded Blue Essence for a shiny new Summoner Name. Just use the instructions detailed below.

    1. Load up the “League of Legends” client
    2. Click the Store button in the top-right corner (next to your Blue Essence and RP)
    3. Next, click the Account button. This symbol looks like a silhouette with a gear next to them
    4. From here, you will see that the only option is the Change Summoner Name
    5. You can now choose a new Summoner Name
    6. Once you’ve chosen a new name, your client will restart automatically
    7. Load up the League of Legends client once again to see your new name in action
    Consider your new Summoner Name carefully before changing it forever! Any names considered inappropriate, offensive, or not within community guidelines will be altered by Riot’s Player Support without refunding their Blue Essence or RP.

    Change Your Summoner Name For Free

    Riot Games Support, Submit Name Change tTcket

    For players who don’t want to spend their hard-earned Blue Essence or open their RP wallets, there’s an easy way to make small changes to your League of Legends Summoner Name.

    This method of changing your LoL Summoner Name will only work once. Be certain of your new name before committing to the change! 
    1. Open up the Riot Games Support website in your browser
    2. For Request Type, choose General Question
    3. Write Summoner Name Change as the Ticket’s Subject Line
    4. Describe your problem in the description. Include details like your old username and what you’d like the new one to be
    5. Feel free to use screenshots or anything else you think is necessary.
    6. Once you’re done, submit the ticket to Riot Games. They should respond within around five working days.