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How to Evolve Stantler in Pokémon Legends: Arceus

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Key Takeaway

First, you’ll need to level Stantler high enough to learn and master Psyshield Bash. Afterward, you’ll need Stantler to use Psyshield Bash in Agile Style 20 times. When this criterion is met, you can evolve them into Wyrdeer.

Wyrdeer plays an important part in Pokémon Legends: Arceus as the player’s first mount. However, you can actually get this mystical pocket monster in your party as well! For this, you’ll need to evolve a Stantler with a specific move.

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    How to Level Up Stantler Quickly

    A player battling an alpha Chansey with a Toxicroak.

    The quickest way to level up your Stantler is to battle alpha Pokémon, as they give more experience than other wild Pokémon. Furthermore, they sometimes drop experience-giving items, which will help speed up the leveling process.

    However, Stantler isn’t much of an offensive or defensive force. As such, it will have a hard time taking down most alpha Pokémon by itself—especially when at a low level. For this reason, you’re better off keeping Stantler in your party while your stronger partners grind through alpha pocket monsters.

    If you’ve reached the Cobalt Coastlands, a great alpha Pokémon to experience-farm is the Chansey in the southeastern corner of this region. It’s on an island by itself, so there are no other wild Pokémon to get in your way. Plus, Chansey gives a ton of experience when they’re defeated.

    Alternatively, if you have a ton of money lying around, you can buy Exp. Candies from Bonn, who sits just outside Galaxy Hall in Jubilife Village. However, to unlock Bonn’s shop, you’ll first need to perform a task for him (completing Request #54: Serving Up Snacks).

    When Stantler Learns Psyshield Bash

    Stantler will learn Psyshield Bash at level 21. As such, it won’t take much training for them to obtain this Psychic-type move. However, mastering it is another story altogether. It will take Stantler until level 31 to master Psyshield Bash, which is when they’ll be able to start using this move in Agile Style. For this reason, you’ll want to experience-farm until Stantler reaches level 31.

    Tips For Spamming Psyshield Bash in Agile Style

    Sadly, you cannot get Stantler to master Psyshield Bash with the help of Zisu at the Training Grounds in Jubilife Village, so there’s no shortcut here. You’ll have to level Stantler up to level 31 to master Psyshield Bash.

    However, when Stantler finally does master this move, you’ll only be able to use it 5 times before healing Stantler or using an item on it that restores PP. This is due to Psyshield Bash only having 10 maximum PP and because using Agile Style moves will deplete PP by 2 instead of 1.

    The fastest way to use Psyshield Bash in Agile Style is to battle low-level wild Pokémon while near a camp. Fighting weak opponents will let Stantler act first in most cases, which, in turn, will speed up this process. And being close to a camp will let you restore Stantler’s PP efficiently.

    Reasons to Use Wyrdeer On Your Team

    A screen showing information about Wyrdeer including their type and physical proportions.

    Prior to Wyrdeer’s existence, Stantler filled a very small—and pointless—niche as a Normal-type Pokémon that learns a lot of Psychic-type moves. While novel, this was never very useful, as it would almost always be better for Stantler to use a Normal-type damage-dealing move in battle. This is because the STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus) from using Normal-type moves makes them hit harder than Psychic-type ones.

    However, since Wyrdeer is part Psychic-type, it can make use of all those cool Psychic-type moves that it can learn. Furthermore, Wyrdeer can learn a few moves from the move tutor that Stantler cannot (High Horsepower and Hyper Beam). Both of those moves are fairly viable on Wyrdeer, so they’re worth considering for your move slots.

    Choosing a Stat-Path For Your Wyrdeer

    One thing to keep in mind about Wyrdeer is its stats. While almost all of its stats will be higher than Stantler’s, Wyrdeer loses a bit of Speed after it evolves. As such, you’ll be less likely to move first in battle, but you’ll be able to hit harder as well as take incoming hits with slightly less risk.

    It’s advised to pick a stat-path for your Stantler/Wyrdeer early on. You can use items like Grit Dust and Grit Gravel on them to give your Pokémon better stat increases while leveling up. Pick either Special Attack or Attack to invest in and then give Wyrdeer moves that match the stat-path you’ve chosen.

    When deciding which path to take for your Wyrdeer, consider your team composition. It’s ideal to have a balanced party, so, if you need more special attack power, make Wyrdeer specially-oriented. Alternatively, if you need more attack power, make Wyrdeer physically-oriented.

    The Best Moves For Wyrdeer in Pokémon Legends: Arceus

    Pretty much all of the moves that Wyrdeer learns through leveling-up are viable. The only exceptions are Tackle and Confusion, both of which will soon get outclassed by better moves. What’s more, since Wyrdeer’s Special Attack and Attack stats are relatively close, you can use them in many different ways.

    For a specially-oriented Wyrdeer, Extrasensory (learned at level 29) is a solid choice. As for a physically-oriented Wyrdeer, Zen Headbutt (learned at level 37) and Double Edge (learned at level 47) can be great attacking moves.

    On top of that, Wyrdeer’s status moves are also quite usable. Hypnosis (learned at level 9) can be handy to debilitate many foes. And Calm Mind (learned at level 15), since it boosts all offensive and defensive stats in Pokémon Legends: Arceus, can also be a top-notch move for any Wyrdeer.

    Through the move tutor, you can also give Wyrdeer a bunch of excellent damage-dealing coverage moves. For a specially-oriented Wyrdeer, here are the best options:

    • Psychic [Psychic-type] (80 base power)
    • Thunderbolt [Electric-type] (80 base power)
    • Hyper Beam [Normal-type] (120 base power)
    • Shadow Ball [Ghost-type] (80 base power)
    • Energy Ball [Grass-type] (80 base power)

    And, for a physically-oriented Wyrdeer, here are some of the ideal choices:

    • Megahorn [Bug-type] (100 base power)
    • High Horsepower [Ground-type] (85 base power)
    • Wild Charge [Electric-type] (85 base power)
    • Giga Impact [Normal-type] (120 base power)
    • Iron Tail [Steel-type] (100 base power)

    The moves you should choose (similar to the stat-path for Wyrdeer) should be selected based on your party composition. Think about which types give your team a tough time and how to counter them.