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How Long to Beat Horizon Forbidden West

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Key Takeaway

It takes about 20 to 25 hours to complete Horizon Forbidden West’s main story, and about 80 hours to 100% the game.

Knowing how long Horizon Forbidden West is to beat can be tricky given that it’s an open-world RPG. However, we can make assumptions based on if you’ll only follow main quests or if you want to experience everything.

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    How Long to Beat Horizon Forbidden West’s Main Story

    Aloy from Horizon Forbidden West.

    Although Horizon Forbidden West is set in a massive open world, you can play the game and only follow its main progression. This will cut down your playtime tremendously, but you’ll also miss out on a lot of incredible side content.

    If you want to beat Horizon Forbidden West’s main story without doing much else, you can expect to beat the game in about 20 to 25 hours.

    How Long to Earn Horizon Forbidden West’s Platinum Trophy

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    Getting Horizon Forbidden West’s platinum trophy will take a little longer. However, this game’s trophy list doesn’t require you to seek out everything there is to find in the game, nor does it require you to complete all side content.

    For example, there are 17 Rebel Outposts in the game, but you’ll only need to complete 4 of them to earn a trophy. The same thing can be said for collectibles such as Relic Ruins, Black Boxes, and Survey Drones. You’ll need to collect a few of them, but you don’t need to acquire them all to earn trophies.

    That said, you should be able to earn the game’s platinum trophy in about 35 to 40 hours.

    Take note, though, that the game has one missable trophy. If you somehow miss that one trophy, you’ll need to replay the game. This will double the amount of time you’ll spend on the game.

    How Long to 100% Horizon Forbidden West

    Aloy from Horizon Forbidden West on a mount.

    If you’re the type of player who engages in everything, you’ll obviously need to allot more hours. A whole lot more.

    If your goal is to beat the game, complete all side content, and collect every item, expect to spend about 80 hours.