Close-up of an alpha Torterra roaring at the player as a battle against them begins.

How to Reach the Holm of Trials Early in Pokémon Legends: Arceus

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Key Takeaway

There is a hill to the northwest of the Holm of Trials located above a cracked rock. From there, sprint-jump while riding Wyrdeer to land on the northwest section of the Holm of Trials.

In Pokémon Legends: Arceus, the Holm of Trials area within the Crimson Mirelands is worth exploring for multiple reasons. However, to reach it, you’ll need to make a great leap while astride the fastest of your Pokémon mounts.

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    Where to Jump From to Reach the Holm of Trials

    There is a star icon on the map indicating the location of a hill above a cracked rock from which the player needs to jump from to reach the Holm of Trials.

    South of the Mirelands Camp (the first camp in the Crimson Mirelands), there is a series of pools marking the Gapejaw Bog area. South of this area, following the western river fork, you’ll find a cracked rock blocking the path. Above this cracked rock is a hill from which you can jump to reach the Holm of Trials.

    The player riding Wyrdeer while looking at the hill above a cracked rock in the Crimson Mirelands.

    To get up to the top of this hill, follow the hill face along the east side. There will be a nearby series of slopes which you’ll be able to jump up if you’re riding Wyrdeer. Afterward, head to the part of the hill overlooking the northwest corner of the Holm of Trials.

    A player riding Wyrdeer looking across a big gap towards the Holm of Trials beyond a river. There is a purple wisp next to the player.

    At this point, if you haven’t been here before, you’ll find a purple Wisp. This Wisp marks the place where you’ll need to make your great leap. First, get a running start by holding down the B button. When you reach the spot where the Wisp spawns, jump by using the Y button.

    If you’ve timed your jump correctly, you’ll make it across the river and land on the northwest section of the Holm of Trials. You will take a bit of fall damage when making this jump, however, it’s not enough to reset your position.

    If you didn’t time your jump correctly, you’ll end up in the river separating Gapejaw Bog from the Holm of Trials. If you haven’t yet gained the ability to summon Basculegion, you won’t be able to swim. As such, you’ll pass out and your position will be reset to the last spot where you were on land.

    What’s On the Holm of Trials

    A player throwing a pokéball at an alpha Hisuian Sliggoo to initiate a battle with it.

    The most notable features of the Holm of Trials are the 3 Alpha Pokémon and 2 Wisps found here. In addition to those, you’ll also find plenty of Goomy. As such, this is the earliest part of the game where you can find a Dragon-type Pokémon. Furthermore, there are also a lot of regular Toxicroaks here, which can be great for training some of your Pokémon.

    All Alpha Pokémon in the Holm of Trials

    You can find alpha versions of Toxicroak, Torterra, and Hisuian Sliggoo here. The alpha Toxicroak will be level 47 and will be in the western part of the area. The alpha Torterra will be level 65 and is found in the center of the Holm of Trials. Lastly, in the eastern section, you’ll come across a level 50 alpha Hisuian Sliggoo.

    Wisp Locations in the Holm of Trials

    The first Wisp is found on a ledge at the south end of the Holm of Trials. On the map, it’s the small plateau directly south of where the “Holm of Trials” text appears.

    As for the second Wisp, it’s located on the same small isle where you’ll find the alpha Sliggoo. Since this island is tiny, you’ll have a hard time touching this Wisp without getting the attention of the alpha Sliggoo.

    Where to Find Goomy and Why to Catch One

    There are a lot of Goomy around the eastern section of the Holm of Trials. You’ll thankfully be able to approach some without needing to confront the alpha Sliggoo nearby. Goomy are pretty passive, so your best bet of catching one easily is to sneak behind them and hit the squishy little dragon with a pokéball of some sort.

    Since Goomy (or Sliggoo) are some of the earliest Dragon-type Pokémon you can get in Pokémon Legends: Arceus, you’ll be able to round out your team with a powerful new ally. Dragon-type pocket monsters are only weak to Ice, Fairy, and Dragon-type moves.

    Enemies that have damage-dealing moves of those types are relatively rare in the early parts of the game. For this reason, acquiring Goomy can give you a solid type advantage in many situations.

    This is potentially even more true when using Sliggoo in battle, as its partial Steel typing decreases its number of weaknesses from 3 to 2. Although, these 2 types are Fighting and Ground. Since Ground-type damage-dealing moves are pretty common, this can potentially be considered a slight disadvantage. Thankfully, Hisuian Sliggoo has pretty good defensive stats to compensate for this.

    Training Psychic-Type Pokémon

    Around where the alpha Toxicroak spawns, there will be a lot of regular Toxicroaks around level 40. Since evolved Pokémon give more experience than unevolved ones, this can be a great place to train some of your party.

    Since Toxicroacks are Poison and Fighting-type, they’ll take massive amounts of damage from Psychic-type damage-dealing moves. This is due to both Poison and Fighting-type Pokémon being vulnerable to such attacks, resulting in Toxicroacks having an x4 weakness to Psychic-type moves.

    For this reason, the western part of the Holm of Trials can be an excellent spot to train Psychic-type Pokémon or non-Psychic-type Pokémon that have Psychic-type damage-dealing moves.