Link surfing on his shield in the air after bomb jumping. There's a bluish-green explosion under him.

How to Bomb Jump in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Some classic gamer tactics never die.

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Key Takeaway

You can attach any explosive (Bomb Flower, Time Bomb, etc.) to your equipped shield by using Fuse. After that, all you need to do is start a shield surf and, when you hit the ground, you’ll get launched high into the air.

A bomb jump is a way to use explosives to reach high places. While in many games this is an exploitation of a game’s physics, in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, it was likely intentionally considered by the developers. Link’s latest adventure is all about experimentation.

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    How to Bomb Jump in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Video Guide

    What You Need to Bomb Jump

    All you need to bomb jump is a shield and any kind of explosive. What you first need to do is equip a shield that you don’t care about, as it’ll lose durability from bomb jumping. Next, find any type of explosive and use Fuse to connect it to your equipped shield.

    Link fusing a Time Bomb to his equipped shield.
    There are lots of explosives in Tears of the Kingdom, such as Bomb Flowers, Time Bombs, Explosive Barrels, and more. However, Bomb Flowers are arguably the most common—and you can carry them in your materials inventory.

    Once the explosive is fused to your shield, you need to shield surf. After beginning your shield surf, you’ll land and the explosive on your shield makes contact with the ground. On impact, the explosive—you guessed it—explodes! This sends you pretty high up into the air and can let you reach places more easily.

    The Pros and Cons of Bomb Jumping

    There are advantages and disadvantages to bomb jumping in Tears of the Kingdom. When and how you should use this technique depends and where you are and what you need to accomplish. We’ll break things down for you with the following points:

    Pros of Bomb Jumping

    • Quick to use in most situations
    • Needs only a shield and any explosive
    • Easy to implement
    • Can be used anywhere
    • Requires little to no battery power
    • You can attach explosives to shields and then unequip them to use them later

    Cons of Bomb Jumping

    • The explosives are consumed upon jumping off of them
    • Decreases shield durability
    • Doesn’t take you as high as using a Rocket attached to your shield

    If you want to vertically move quickly, bomb jumping is one of the best techniques in the game. Doing so in combat can also be effective if you want to use a ranged-attack strategy since aiming while airborne causes time to briefly slow down. Combining this with fused arrows can let you take down enemies simply and stylishly. Never underestimate the power of explosives in video games.