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How to Evolve Ursaring in Pokémon Legends: Arceus

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Key Takeaway

You’ll need a Peat Block in order to evolve Ursaring. However, you can only use it on your fierce furry friend during a full moon.

There are a number of unique evolution criteria for the new Pokémon in Pokémon Legends: Arceus. One example of this is how you evolve Ursaring into Ursaluna. You’ll need both a specific item and knowledge of the moon cycle.

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    What You Need to Do to Evolve Ursaring

    A player looking at a Peat Block while an Ursaring is in their party during a full moon.

    The item that you’ll need is called a Peat Block. While it seems pretty mundane, it’s actually very rare. There’s only one guaranteed Peat Block in the game (a reward for completing Request #86). However, there are other methods of finding them through exploration and luck.

    Once you have obtained a Peat Block, you’ll need to use it on an Ursaring in your party during a full moon. You cannot evolve Ursaring with a Peat Block at any time besides a full moon. As such, it’s highly recommended to get a Peat Block and an Ursaring before trying to wait until a full moon.

    How to Find a Full Moon

    There’s a super easy way to activate a full moon—and it’s by sleeping! Wherever you are, use a bed to skip time until night falls. Keep doing this until you see a full moon in the sky.

    When a full moon rises, head into your menu to use your Peat Block on your Ursaring to trigger the evolution.

    How to Get a Peat Block to Evolve Ursaring

    The information, including the rewards, for request #86.

    The easiest way to get a Peat Block is by completing Request #86 “Gone Astray…in the Icelands”. You’ll be able to find this request after the first time you enter the Alabaster Icelands. Upon returning from your first expedition to this chilly area, you’ll find a bunch of new requests in Jubilife Village.

    Head into Galaxy Hall and speak to Zeke, who is the villager that often asks you to help him find his sister Wanda. When you speak to Zeke, he’ll claim that Wanda has gotten lost once more.

    After Zeke rushes off towards the Alabaster Icelands to find his sister, it turns out that Wanda was in Jubilife Village the whole time. It is then that Wanda asks you to find Zeke, who ends up getting lost in the Alabaster Icelands.

    Zeke’s Location in the Alabaster Icelands

    A red arrow on the Alabaster Icelands map indicating both the player's location and where to find the NPC named Zeke during request #86.

    Once you’ve reached the Alabaster Icelands yourself, you’ll need to track down Zeke with the help of your Ursaluna mount. As you ride around on Ursaluna, the bear-like Pokémon will emit signals from their nose. In this case, you’ll want to see blue signals, as those are the kind that will lead you to Zeke.

    Zeke’s location is directly west of the spot called Avalugg’s Legacy. Follow Ursaluna’s blue signals until you find an icy hole in the ground. At this point, you should be able to see Zeke in the hole.

    Battle an Alpha Glalie to Complete the Request

    The player riding Ursaluna finding Zeke in an icy hole. There are blue signals being emitted by Ursaluna's nose.

    Before you hop down to rescue Zeke, get ready for a fight. There is a level 64 Alpha Glalie in this hole, so it’s recommended to have a Fire, Fighting, or Rock-type Pokémon in your first slot in anticipation of the upcoming battle.

    After you defeat the Alpha Glalie, the request will end and you’ll get one Peat Block in addition to five Star Pieces. With that, Wanda and Zeke will head back home to Jubilife Village.

    Other Ways to Get a Peat Block to Evolve Ursaring

    Besides completing Request #86, there are a couple of confirmed ways of getting Peat Blocks. However, they both require more work and luck.

    You can potentially find a Peat Block for sale through Ginter’s inventory. This merchant who resides by the entrance to Galaxy Hall can sometimes have an item called a “Hunk of Coal”, which is a Peat Block. Ginter will sell this item for $10,000. If Ginter does not have this item in stock, you can refresh Ginter’s inventory by leaving the village, catching any 20 Pokémon, and then returning to the merchant.

    Alternatively, you can potentially find a Peat Block as buried treasure. While riding around on Ursaluna, you can follow the orange signals given off by your mount to locate buried treasure. Such hidden loot can be anything from Balls of Mud to rare goods like a Peat Block. However, this method is very random and time-consuming. Your odds of getting a Peat Block this way are pretty low.

    Reasons to Use Ursaluna on Your Team

    Ursaluna standing on the top of a mountain during a full moon night. It just evolved from Ursaring.

    Ursaluna, as you may be able to guess from its appearance, is a very tanky Pokémon. Its stats are all about hitting hard and being able to take plenty of hits in return.

    While it doesn’t have the best type matchups, it certainly isn’t overly vulnerable in this department. Especially since Ursaluna has a great movepool.

    Ursaluna’s Stats

    Ursaluna’s highest stat is its Attack—which is greater than that of most Pokémon in the game. Closely behind its Attack stat is its HP stat, which, again, is more impressive that the HP stats of many other Pokémon in the game.

    Next is Ursaluna’s Defense stat, which, while not as high as its Attack or HP stats, is still sufficiently high in value. Ursaluna’s Special Defense is also decent, although not as high as its Defense.

    In regards to Ursaluna’s Special Attack and Speed stats: they’re awful. Don’t bother giving Ursaluna any special moves or expect it to out-speed foes. With that said, it’s clear that you won’t need to do either of those things as Ursaluna has a great physical movepool and can take a lot of damage.

    Ursaluna’s Type Matchups

    Due to being both Ground and Normal-type, Ursaluna has some unique type matchups. Firstly, you should note that this Pokémon is immune to both Electric and Ghost-type attacks, which allows it to be a great switch-in on such foes.

    With that said, Ursaluna doesn’t have too many other positive type matchups, as it only has two resistances: against Poison-type and Rock-type attacks.

    Thankfully, Ursaluna only has four weaknesses, which doesn’t make it too vulnerable in regards to the type chart. Furthermore, thanks to Ursaluna’s bulk, it can potentially withstand super effective attacks (sometimes even multiple).

    The Best Moves for Ursaluna in Pokémon Legends: Arceus

    Through leveling up, Ursaluna can learn some solid physical damage-dealing moves. Play Rough (learned at level 25) and High Horsepower (learned at level 34) are both decently strong (both have 85 base power) and are viable on Ursaluna’s moveset.

    Furthermore, Ursaluna will also learn both Double-Edge and Headlong Rush at level 43. These two moves have base powers of 100 and both gain a STAB (same type attack bonus). Although they also both debilitate Ursaluna slightly, Ursaluna has enough bulk to make such debuffs a small issue.

    As for moves learned via the move tutor, Ursaluna can learn some decent status moves as well as more great physical attacks. Here’s a list of the best of them:

    • Bulk Up [Fighting-type] (status move)
    • Rest [Psychic-type] (status move)
    • Shadow Claw [Ghost-type] (70 base power)
    • Ice Punch [Ice-type] (75 base power)
    • Thunder Punch [Electric-type] (75 base power)
    • Fire Punch [Fire-type] (75 base power)
    • Stone Edge [Rock-type] (100 base power)
    • Giga Impact [Normal-type] (120 base power)

    Tips for Giving Ursaluna the Best Moveset

    As you’ve possibly done with other Pokémon in your party, you’ll want to give Ursaluna one status move and three attacking moves. For the status move, teach Ursaluna either Bulk UP (if you want a stronger offense) or Rest (if you want HP recovery).

    Besides that, you’ll want to give Ursaluna some STAB moves, as those will let it hit the hardest. For a Ground-type STAB move, use Headlong Rush or High Horsepower. As for a Normal-type STAB move, Double-Edge or Giga Impact would be the best choices for high damage output.

    That accounts for three out of the four move slots. In regards to the fourth, you should choose a coverage move depending on the area your team is lacking. if you’re at a loss for where your team is lacking in terms of offensive, Stone Edge can be a great move to round out Ursaluna’s moveset thanks to its high base power.