Craig in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Where to Find Craig in Pokémon Legends: Arceus

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Key Takeaway

Craig is located just east of the waterfall descending from Lake Acuity in the Alabaster Icelands. This is pretty much right across the river from Brice’s location.

Craig doesn’t have a marker on him when you begin Request #78: Setting up the Icepeak Camp. As such, it can be tricky to track him down in the tundra-like region known as the Alabaster Icelands.

Table Of Contents

    Craig’s Location

    A red arrow on the map of the Alabaster Icelands indicating both Craig and the player's location.

    At the base of the waterfall crashing down from Lake Acuity, you’ll find Craig hanging out by a tree. This spot is just east of the waterfall. Due to the color of Craig’s clothes, it can be tough to spot him from a distance.

    A player flying around with Braviary with a red circle around Craig.

    If you’ve already made it to the Pearl Settlement, you can start from that fast travel marker and then head southwest. Furthermore, if you’ve acquired Braviary as a mount, flying here will help you spot Craig easier.

    After you locate the Survey Corps member, approach him to have a chat. He’ll have some dialogue about the mix-up between himself and Brice, which will explain why these NPCs weren’t able to find each other. Next, all you have to do to complete this request is to head back to Brice across the river.

    What You Get After Finding Craig

    The player looking at the NPCs with new requests at the Icepeak Camp.

    Returning and speaking to Brice will result in the Icepeak Camp being set up. Furthermore, in addition to a new camp, you’ll gain access to a couple more requests.

    Firstly, if you speak to Brice once more, he’ll have a new task for you. He’ll give you Request #81: In Search of a Fiery Pokémon. As you can guess, this request will require you to give Brice a Fire-type Pokémon. The rewards for this request are 3 Full Restores and 1 Exp. Candy L.

    You’ll also gain access to another mini-game request (if you’ve unlocked Braviary as a mount). Talk to the NPC in brown clothes to get Request #79: Balloon Race in the Icelands. If you clear this balloon race and pop at least 30 balloons, you’ll receive 3 Nuggets. This can be a great request to do if you need money, as each Nugget is worth $10,000.