How to get Blue Solution in Terraria.

How to Get Blue Solution in Terraria

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Blue Solution is an ammunition (used by the Clentaminator) that you’ll want to get your hands on. However, there’s only one way to get it. Here’s how to get Blue Solution in Terraria.

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    What is Blue Solution?

    Blue Solution item in Terraria.

    Blue Solution is ammunition for the Clentaminator, a tool you can use to either create or destroy biomes. The Clentaminator uses Solutions as ammunition, and this Solution is one of them. The other Solutions are Green Solution, Purple Solution, Dark Blue, and Red Solution.

    The Clentaminator is the best tool to use if you want to spread or eradicate biome effects such as Crimson, Hallow, and Corruption.

    As for the Blue Solution, it’s the Solution the Clentaminator needs to spread Hallow.

    How to Get Blue Solution in Terraria

    Steampunker NPC in Terraria.

    To get this solution, you’ll need the Steampunker NPC. The Steampunker will only appear after you’ve defeated one mechanical boss. That said, you must first defeat either The Destroyer, The Twins, or Skeleton Prime if you want the Steampunker to show up.

    Once you’ve defeated one of the three aforementioned bosses, you must then create a vacant house or have a spare room for her.

    The Steampunker is an NPC vendor. However, the items you can purchase from her will vary depending on the time of the day, moon phases, or where she is spoken to. To purchase this solution from her, you’ll need to speak to her in a Hallow biome.

    The Steampunker will let you purchase the solution from her for 25 Silver Coins.