How to Get Clay in Stardew Valley.

How to Get Clay in Stardew Valley

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Clay is an abundant and valuable resource in Stardew Valley used for building many items such as fertilizer, garden pots, and brick flooring. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to get clay.

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    Digging up Dirt and Sand

    You can hoe the ground for clay.

    The first and easiest way to obtain clay is by digging up the ground anywhere in Stardew Valley. You’ll most likely notice a few Clay drops whenever you’re tilling the soil in your farm in preparation for the new season’s crops.

    Clay can be gathered anywhere on the Stardew Valley map. Two popular spots to hoe for Clay are:

    • The dirt in your farm
    • The dirt patches in the mines

    You can use bombs on these dirt areas to upturn the earth and farm Clay more efficiently.

    You can also dig up Clay from sand. Some examples of sandy areas that produce clay are:

    • The beach
    • Calico Desert
    • Ginger Island’s beach

    Digging up Artifact Spots

    Artifact Spots are small wormy spots on the ground, identified in the game as “stems”. These Artifact Spots are guaranteed to yield an item when hit with a hoe and are the player’s primary way of obtaining artifacts and Lost Books.

    An artifact spot found on the beach.

    There is a 24-60% chance hitting an artifact spot will yield 1-3 pieces of clay, depending on the location of the spot.

    Breaking Geodes

    Geodes are special mineral deposits that are obtained by breaking rocks containing geodes found in the Mines. These geodes can be processed at Clint’s blacksmith shop for 25 gold each or with a Geode Crusher for 1 piece of coal at your farm.

    You can get clay by breaking geodes at the blacksmith's.

    There is a chance to obtain clay by processing any type of geode.

    Clay Nodes

    Clay nodes can be found on Ginger Island.

    Clay nodes are special mining nodes introduced in the 1.5 update. These clay nodes are found exclusively at Ginger Island’s dig site and will produce clay when broken.

    Feast of the Winter Star

    You can get clay as a gift at the Feast of the Winter Star.

    At every Feast of the Winter Star, you’ll be given a gift from a random villager selected to be your secret gift-giver. You have a chance of receiving clay as a gift when your secret gift-giver is either Jas or Vincent.

    Clay is an extremely useful resource, as it is an ingredient for constructing silos and crafting fertilizers for your farm. Now that you know all the ways to gather clay, you’ll never need to go without again.