Zhao Yu

A recent graduate from Malaysia with a degree in Mass Communications, Zhao aspires to be an environmental journalist in the future. To hone her writing experiences, she has previously published articles for various local websites such as Vulcan Post and SchoolAdvisor. Her previous topics revolved mostly around early education, business startups and general health, and it wasn't until recently that she decided to enter the gaming industry as a freelance writer.

An avid gamer herself, Zhao will play anything that catches her fancy. Among her current interests are Stardew Valley (always has been), Hollow Knight, Guild Wars 2, and Them's Fightin' Herds. She also enjoys reading and drawing, two pastimes that have captivated her since her childhood.

While she's not gaming, writing, or staring at an art canvas while redoing her lineart for the fifteenth time, Zhao can be found hanging out with her long-suffering dog, who just wants a nap.

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