How to get Ectoplasm in Terraria.

How to Get Ectoplasm in Terraria

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Ectoplasm is a crafting material that is a necessary ingredient for many of the other items in Terraria. Here’s how and where you can farm for this material, and which craftable items in the game require Ectoplasm.

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    What is Ectoplasm?

    Ectoplasm in the Inventory in Terraria.

    Ectoplasm is a crafting material used to create items such as Spectre Bars, an item needed to craft various Spectre armor and tools. Items that require Spectre Bar to craft are:

    • Drill Containment Unit – 40 Spectre Bars
    • Spectre Robe – 24 Spectre Bars
    • Spectre Hamaxe – 18 Spectre Bars
    • Spectre Pickaxe – 18 Spectre Bars
    • Spectre Pants – 18 Spectre Bars
    • Spectre Hood – 12 Spectre Bars
    • Spectre Mask – 12 Spectre Bars
    • Spectre Wings – 10 Spectre Bars
    • Spectre Paint Roller – 8 Spectre Bars
    • Spectre Paint Scraper – 8 Spectre Bars
    • Spectre Paint Brush – 8 Spectre Bars

    Aside from Spectre Bars, Ectoplasm is also needed to craft other items such as the Naughty Present and Pumpkin Moon Medallion.

    How to Get Ectoplasm in Terraria

    Dungeon Spirit in Terraria.

    Ectoplasm is dropped by Dungeon Spirits upon defeat. These Spirits are found in Dungeons which unlock only after you’ve defeated Plantera. The Dungeon Spirits only appear during hardmode, which makes Ectoplasm a hardmode-exclusive crafting material.

    Spawning a Dungeon Spirit is a little bit tricky, though. These spirits have a small 1 in 15 chance of spawning whenever you kill an enemy that has a max life beyond 100. With those odds, you’ll need to kill at least 15 100+ HP enemies to spawn at least one Dungeon Spirit. A Dungeon Spirit has a chance of dropping 1 to 2 Ectoplasm.