How to Find Iridium in Stardew Valley

How to Get Iridium in Stardew Valley

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Iridium is a highly valuable resource essential for crafting many late-game items and special buildings. Here’s a complete guide on how to obtain iridium, in both bar and ore form.

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    Meteorites will occasionally land on the farm.

    A fallen meteorite is a rare event that has a 1% chance of happening on your farm. When it happens, you’ll hear a crashing sound effect after you go to sleep and receive a notification that says “An explosion was heard in the night…”.

    Breaking a meteorite produces iridium ores.

    Meteorites don’t despawn naturally and need a Gold Pickaxe or an Iridium Pickaxe (the best pickaxe) to mine. When you break it, it’ll drop 6 Iridium Ore, along with 6 Stone and 2 Geode.

    Iridium Nodes

    Iridium nodes can be found in various places.

    Iridium Nodes are special mineral nodes containing iridium ore. You can find iridium nodes in these areas:

    • Quarry
    • Skull Caverns
    • Volcano Dungeon
    • Hilltop and Four Corners farm maps (after Mining skill reaches level 10)

    Breaking an iridium node will grant you a few pieces of Iridium Ore, as well as a small chance of a Prismatic Shard, the rarest mineral in the game.

    Mystic Stones

    Mystic stones can be found in the quarry.

    Mystic Stones are special mineral nodes that give valuable ores when broken. They can be found in the:

    • Quarry
    • Levels 100-120 of the Mines
    • Skull Cavern
    • Volcano Dungeon

    When broken, these stones give 1-3 iridium ores, along with 1-4 gold ores and a small chance of a Prismatic Shard.


    You can break geodes for iridium ore.

    An efficient way to collect iridium ores is through breaking geodes found in the Mines. Iridium ore can commonly be found in Magma and Omni Geodes on lower mine levels.

    You can also obtain Omni Geodes from:

    • Krobus’s shop, which sells Omni Geodes every Tuesday for 300 gold.
    • The Oasis in The Desert, which sells Omni Geodes every Wednesday for 1,000 gold each.

    The Travelling Cart

    The Travelling Cart’s random selection of items is helpful when it comes to obtaining rare items or crop seeds from a different season. If you’re lucky, you can find her selling an Iridium Bar at 3,000-5,000 gold.

    Monster Drops

    Iridium ore can be dropped from monsters.

    Monsters are hostile NPCs found in various places that you can kill for loot. This loot includes iridium ore and bars, which can be dropped from:

    • Iridium Bats
    • Iridium Crabs
    • Purple Slimes
    • Shadow Shamans
    • Shadow Brutes

    These monsters can all be found in the Skull Cavern, apart from the Purple Slimes which can also be raised in a Slime Hutch.

    Skull Cavern Treasure Rooms

    The Skull Cavern may reward you with iridium bars.

    The Skull Cavern is a perilous place with gratifying rewards. If your luck is high enough, you may stumble into a Treasure Room which has a chance of gifting you 2-3 iridium bars. Treasure Rooms, accessible after level 10, are easily identifiable by their single treasure chest and conspicuous lack of monsters.

    Fish Ponds

    Super cucumber fish ponds can give iridium.

    Fish Ponds can give you roe and special drops that depend on the kind of fish you’re raising. The Super Cucumber has a 4-5% chance of giving Iridium Ore once their population in the fish pond has reached 9-10.

    The Feast of the Winter Star

    Clint may give you an Iridium Bar at the Feast of the Winter Star.

    Villagers can get creative with their gifts in The Feast of the Winter Star. In Clint’s case, he likes gifting you blacksmith-related items, including 1 Iridium Bar.

    Statue of Perfection

    The Statue of Perfection is a gift from Grandpa after earning 4 candles.

    The Statue of Perfection is a special gift that Grandpa’s spirit gives you once you’ve achieved 4 candles for Grandpa’s Evaluation. The statue produces 2-8 iridium ore per day and is your most reliable source of iridium ore once you’ve passed your grandpa’s qualification test.

    Now that you know all the ways to gather iridium, you can pick the methods you like the best and start putting those ores to good use.