How to get Polyaniline in Subnautica.

How to Get Polyaniline in Subnautica

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Polyaniline is an advanced crafted material in Subnautica. Obtaining this and crafting the upgrades and modifications that require it will make your experience playing the game way more enjoyable. Here’s how you can get Polyaniline.

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    How to Get Polyaniline in Subnautica

    Crafting Polyaniline in Subnautica.

    Polyaniline is an advanced material that’s not found nor picked up. Instead, it’s something you’ll need to craft yourself. You won’t see the option to craft Polyaniline at the beginning of the game. You’ll only get the chance to start crafting them once you’ve picked up a Deep Shroom. Incidentally, you’ll also need this plant to craft one of the ingredients for Polyaniline.

    To craft Polyaniline in Subnautica, you’ll need one Gold and one Hydrochloric Acid. You can get Gold from Shale Outcrops, Sandstone Outcrops, Large Resource Deposits, and on the seabed scattered all around the game.

    To get Hydrochloric Acid, however, you’ll need to craft it yourself. These are the ingredients for this:

    • Deep Shroom (4) – You can find this plant in the Blood Kelp Zone, Inactive Lava Zone, and the Lost River.
    • Salt Deposit (1) – Found on the seabed all around the game.

    Once you have both Gold and Hydrochloric Acid, you can craft one Polyaniline with the Fabricator.

    Items You Can Craft With Polyaniline

    Swim Charge Fins from Subnautica.

    These are the items that you can craft with Polyaniline. These are all modifications and upgrades, and having them will make your player and some of your vehicles in the game more durable and efficient.

    • Swim Charge Fins – Fins, 1x Wiring Kit, 1x Polyaniline
    • Cyclops Thermal Reactor Module – 4x Kyanite, 1x Wiring Kit, 2x Polyaniline
    • Cyclops Engine Efficiency Module – 1x Computer Chip, 1x Benzene, 1x Polyaniline
    • Cyclops Shield Generator – 1x Advanced Wiring Kit, 1x Power Cell, 1x Polyaniline
    • Seamoth Power Efficiency Module – 1x Computer Chip, 1x Polyaniline
    • Seamoth Perimeter Defense System – 1x Wiring Kit, 1x Polyaniline
    • Prawn Suit Thermal Reactor – 2x Kyanite, 1x Wiring Kit, 2x Polyaniline