A close-up of regular Rotom in the player's home.

How to Get Rotom (and All Forms) in Pokémon Legends: Arceus

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Key Takeaway

To find a regular Rotom, you’ll need to visit the Stonetooth Rows or Sacred Plaza areas of the Coronet Highlands. However, to get all of Rotom’s other forms, you’ll need to buy five mechanical items from Ginter in Jubilife Village.

Rotom’s unique ability to change forms allows it to be one of the most versatile Electric-types in Pokémon Legends: Arceus. Catching a Rotom is fairly straightforward, but getting its other forms is not. You’ll need luck and patience.

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    Where to Find Rotom

    A player looking at a wild Rotom in the Coronet Highlands.

    You can most easily find Rotom floating around at the Stonetooth Rows area of the Coronet Highlands. Alternatively, you can sometimes find them in the Sacred Plaza area, albeit only usually by breaking containers.

    Rotom can appear at any time of day, although they do not spawn as often as other Pokémon in the above-mentioned areas. If you don’t find any at those places, go back to a camp and rest for a bit to reset the spawns. Eventually, a Rotom will appear.

    They’re fairly aggressive, so be prepared for them to zap you with Electric-type attacks. With that said, you can still catch them somewhat easily if you throw a Poké Ball at them from behind.

    Tips for Catching Rotom

    If you’re using the stealthy method, it’s recommended to use a Gigaton Ball. Such Poké Balls have the highest success rate when trying to catch unaware Pokémon. To make things easier, you can also use a Smoke Bomb to create a circular fog cloud from which you can backstrike Rotom with fewer issues.

    Alternatively, if you choose to battle Rotom before catching it, you’re best off using a Ground-type Pokémon. Since Ground-types are immune to Electric-type damage-dealing moves, you won’t have to worry too much about taking damage. Rotom can use other types of moves, but it hits the hardest with Electric-type ones.

    To increase your chances of catching Rotom through the battling method, it’s recommended to inflict them with a status condition and lower their HP into the yellow or red zone. When you’ve done that, use an Ultra Ball to catch them, as those are the Poké Balls with the highest success rates during battle.

    How to Get Rotom’s Other Forms

    The player speaking to Ginter in Jubilife Village and about to buy a mechanical box from him.

    You’ll need specific items to obtain each of Rotom’s alternate forms. All five of them can be bought from Ginter in Jubilife Village, who hangs out near the front of Galaxy Hall. Furthermore, they will cost $20,000 each.

    Here’s a breakdown of all the items you’ll need to buy from Ginter to get Rotom’s other forms:

    • Heat Rotom: Mechanical Box
    • Frost Rotom: Mechanical Cabinet
    • Mow Rotom: Mechanical Circular Saw
    • Fan Rotom: Mechanical Pinwheel
    • Wash Rotom: Mechanical Tub

    How to Get the Mechanical Items

    Unfortunately, Ginter will not consistently possess the mechanical items. His inventory is randomized and will change once in a while. You’ll have to check with him repeatedly to get all the items you need for Rotom’s other forms.

    Thankfully, you can easily force Ginter’s inventory to change. Every time you catch 20 Pokémon, Ginter will restock his inventory with different items. Therefore, to increase the chances of mechanical items spawning, you’ll need to catch a bunch of Pokémon in between checking with Ginter.

    The kinds of Pokémon you need to catch do not matter. They can be species you’ve caught before, so it’s recommended to mass-catch the easiest pocket monsters. However, make sure you have enough money, as it would be a waste of time to force the spawn of a mechanical item and not be able to buy it.

    What to Do With the Mechanical Items

    The player in their home looking at an orange microwave oven on a dresser.

    Once you’ve purchased a mechanical item, it will appear in your home. If you’ve caught one or more Rotom, you can investigate each mechanical item to get a unique prompt.

    You will get a message saying that your Rotom wants to investigate the mechanical item. Allowing it to do so will cause that Rotom to change into whatever form the specific mechanical item designates.

    You don’t need to have Rotom in your party, as the ones staying in the pastures can also use mechanical items in your house via the above-mentioned prompt.