Getting Shadow Scales in Terraria.

How to Get Shadow Scales in Terraria

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The Shadow Scale is rare crafting material you’re going to need to work hard for in order to get. However, the rewards for collecting Shadow Scales are very worth your while. Here is how to get Shadow Scales in Terraria.

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    How to Get Shadow Scales in Terraria

    Shadow Scale dropped from Eater of Worlds.

    The only way to get Shadow Scales in Terraria is to defeat an Eater of Worlds. For a newcomer to the game, defeating an Eater of Worlds is no easy feat. Going in ill-equipped will make the task insurmountable. However, with proper preparation and tactics, this task can be done.

    How to Summon an Eater of Worlds

    Summoning the Eater of Worlds.

    There are two ways of summoning the Eater of Worlds. One is by destroying 3 Shadow Orbs which spawn in Corruption worlds, particularly in the chasms. While this method is easier, the places which the Shadow Orbs spawn come in random, making pinpointing their exact location improbable. However, Shadow Orbs can also come in droves. They may be hard to pinpoint, but they won’t exactly be tricky to find.

    The other method of summoning the boss is by using Worm Food. Using this item while inside the Corruption or Underground Corruption will summon the boss in question.

    How to Get Worm Food

    Worm Food in Terraria.

    For you to have Worm Food, though, you’ll first need to collect the ingredients to craft it and the correct crafting station. Here are the ingredients needed for this boss summoning item and how to get them:

    • 30 Vile Powders – Use a Vile Mushroom on a Placed Bottle or an Alchemy Table.
    • 15 Rotten Chunks – Dropped by Eater of Souls, Devourers, and Corruptors.

    Once the ingredients are collected, bring them to a Demon Altar or a Crimson Altar to obtain one Worm Food. These Altars can be found in The Corruption or The Crimson.

    How to Defeat an Eater of Worlds

    Fighting Eater of Worlds in Terraria.

    As soon as you destroy the third Shadow Orb, or use a Worm Food, an Eater of Worlds will appear immediately. The boss has three segments you’ll need to destroy before it’s completely defeated: its head, body, and tail.

    Unless you’re playing in Expert mode, the best way of dealing with this boss is to throw Grenades at it. Target its head first until its other segments are separated, and continue throwing Grenades at it until the boss is defeated. If the Grenade isn’t viable, use a melee weapon that has a long reach or an Autoswing function. Guns can also be very effective against this boss. Specific weapons that work spectacularly against the Eater of Worlds include the Water Bolt, Falcon Blade, Vilethorn, Terragrim, Spiky Balls, and whips.

    It will also serve you well to prepare an arena prior to summoning the Eater of Worlds. The best layout to defeat this boss effectively is a multi-layered arena that will allow you to move vertically with ease.

    Prioritize the boss’ head first as it deals the most damage. Incidentally, this part of the boss also has the weakest defense. Whenever a segment breaks off to form a new worm, be sure to immediately target its head. If hitting the head proves to be difficult, target the tail instead. Always avoid going for the boss’ middle section as this will cause it to split into two, whereas dealing with the head or the tail first will only spawn one segment.

    One of the boss’ attacks that you’ll need to keep an eye on is its Vile Spit. This attack has a 5% chance of inflicting you with a Weak debuff. This is why creating a multi-platform arena that will allow you to remain mobile and dodge easily in this fight is recommended.

    Keep going for the worm’s head while dodging its Vile Spits and other attacks to put down the boss. With the correct weapons, arena preparations, and patience, you can defeat this boss.

    Defeating this boss will grant you 1 or 2 Shadow Scales on Classic, and 2 to 3 on Expert and Master Modes.

    Items That Require Shadow Scales

    Shadow Armor from Terraria.

    Here are the craftable items in the game that require Shadow Scales:

    • The Breaker – 5 Shadow Scales, 10 Demonite Bars, on an Iron Anvil or Lead Anvil
    • Nightmare Pickaxe – 6 Shadow Scales, 12 Demonite Bars, on an Iron Anvil or Lead Anvil
    • Obsidian Longcoat – 10 Shadow Scales, 20 Obisidian, 10 Silk, on a Hellforge
    • Obsidian Outlaw Hat – 5 Shadow Scales, 20 Obsidian, 10 Silk, on a Hellforge
    • Obsidian Pants – 5 Shadow Scales, 20 Obsidian, 10 Silk, on a Hellforge
    • Shadow Greaves – 15 Shadow Scales, 12 Demonite Bars, on an Iron Anvil or Lead Anvil
    • Shadow Helmet – 10 Shadow Scales, 15 Demonite Bars, on an Iron Anvil or Lead Anvil
    • Shadow Scalemail – 20 Shadow Scales, 25 Demonite Bars, on an Iron Anvil or Lead Anvil
    • Void Bag – 30 Shadow Scales, 15 Jungle Spores, 30 Bones, on a Demon or Crimson Altar
    • Void Vault – 15 Shadow Scales, 20 Obsidian, 10 Silk, on a Demon or Crimson Altar

    These items, armor, and weapons are very decent and useful. Farming Shadow Scales may not be easy, but given the items above, the endeavor will definitely be worth it.