Getting Soul of Night in Terraria.

How to Get Soul of Night in Terraria

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Soul of Night is one of the many crafting materials you’re going to eventually need when you get ready to start crafting items. Here’s where and how you can get this unique item in Terraria.

What is Soul of Night

The Soul of Night item description.

Soul of Night is a crafting material needed to create various items like keys, weapons, and accessories such as:

  • Cursed Flames
  • Golden Shower
  • Soul of Night in a Bottle
  • Cool Whip
  • Dao of Pow
  • Demon Wings
  • Logic Sensor
  • Magical Harp
  • Mechanical Skull
  • Mechanical Worm
  • Neptune’s Shell
  • Onyx Blaster
  • Spirit Flame
  • Suspicious Looking Skull
  • Key of Night
  • Decay Chamber
  • Flesh Cloning Vat

Unfortunately, Soul of Night isn’t an item you can craft. It’s something you’ll have to farm for.

How to Get Soul of Night in Terraria

Getting Soul of Night in Terraria.

Soul of Night is dropped by enemies in underground crimson and corruption caverns. Enemies in these areas have a 20% chance of dropping a Soul of Night. On Expert Difficulty, however, the chances of the item dropping increase to 36%.

Defiled Crates and Hematic Crates also have a 50% chance of dropping about 2 to 5 Souls of Night, so watch out for those as well while farming for this crafting material.

These are basically the only ways for you to obtain Souls of Night in Terraria. Farming for them will require a bit of exploration, time, and patience. However, just play the game as usual while you’re scouring Underground Crimson and Underground Corruption Caverns and you should be able to collect enough Souls of Night without even noticing the time passing.